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Barn weddings have become a recent hit. The picturesque setting and rustic charm of the wedding barn event venue in Northern Colorado make it a magical space to celebrate your love.

You can’t wait to book a fort collins outdoor wedding venue for your D-day. Remember, barn weddings can vary significantly in scope. Some countryside venues will host the ceremony, organize breakfast and handle every critical aspect of your wedding. On the other hand, some might be blank canvas, where you need to sort everything out.

We have put up a guide for you to help you host an exquisite barn wedding.

The Wedding Ceremony

Suppose the barn family reunion venues in Fort Collins, Colorado, you have booked can host your wedding ceremony and party. In that case, you don’t need to worry about getting your guest from the register office or church to the venue. However, if you are tying the knot off-site, you might need to arrange buses and taxis for guests who are not driving the car. You might also need to arrange transportation for guests to travel to the hotel at the end of the night. Get in touch with a local taxi firm to book shuttle buses or cars.

Guest who will drive to the venue, ensure that the directions mentioned on the invitation are clear and concise.

Getting Ready

Getting ready for your wedding is an emotional and beautiful moment. If you choose to get married at the wedding barn event venue in Northern Colorado, inquire the manager if they have space for the bride, bridesmaids, and the groom to get ready. Check out the area if it is well-lit with proper ventilation or not.

If you choose to get married off-site, a dressing room at the venue would be great for touch-ups. It will offer you a space to freshen up or change outfits.


Whether you choose to bring in some professionals or plan DIY decor, ask the fort collins outdoor wedding venue manager about the workspace and restrictions (if any). The manager may guide you to a few trusted vendors who can assist you with decorations, props, and lightning.

To host a rustic barn wedding, you can play with warm colors, boho thems, and subtle touches to accentuate natural elements. Hanging pastel bunting and decorations will add texture to your decoration, whereas fairy light will add a magical touch. Foliage, dried decoration, and wildflowers decor will enhance the beauty of the country setting.


Explore some local vineyards to treat your guest. You might need to buy the drinks from your barn family reunion venues in Fort Collins, Colorado, or might charge you corkage for bringing your own.

If you plan to set up your bar at the venue, ask the manager if they offer staff to get the drinks served at the reception. If they don’t have staff available, you need to hire some help.


Some barn wedding venue offers in-house catering to help you serve a delicious meal to your guest. If they don’t have in-house caterers or you decide to hire an off-site caterer, it is recommended to ensure that your venue has a prep kitchen and access to clean water.

You could also pick a festive theme for your wedding and bring in a few food trucks. Mobile pizza ovens, barbecues, and hog roasts are some of the popular choices.

Music and PA System

If you plan to hire a music and PA system, double-check your DJs and band requirement and the equipment you might need to hire.

Also, confirm with the venue manager how big the dancefloor is. Don’t forget to inquire about noise levels and other limitations.

Photography and Lighting

Your photographer may want to visit the barn venue a day or two before to get an idea of the setting and surroundings. Take a tour with them and convey all your ideas and expectations.

Sometimes, the lighting of your barn venue is not adequate. We recommend taking a tour to check how dark the interior gets after the sunset and if any extra lightning is required.

Essential Facilities

Check out if your selected venue has bathrooms or not. If not, ask the manager if they can arrange luxurious mobile toilets.


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