You might have seen a rapid technological change in the past few years, regularly introducing new advancements. This change is highly noticeable in digital devices, including portable machines such as smartphones, earphones, smartwatches, etc. Their functionality upgraded, sizes got compact, and the way of charging also changed.

Let’s talk more about charging, as energy drives digital devices to operate, and without it, they are just pieces of silicon and plastic. But how did charging transform from conventional methods to a new wireless mechanism? We need to look at this technological evolution and how it makes charging more convenient for everyone. If you are looking for foldable wireless chargers in Ottawa or Toronto, you might be interested in learning more about this exceptional technology.

The Technological Shift

We all have been using those wired chargers to juice our digital devices, smartphones, smartwatches, earbuds, and everything that is portable and runs on electricity. There was no other option but to carry a separate wired charger for each device, making things inconvenient.  But for the past few years, everything has been going wireless, including charging solutions.

Going cordless frees you from the hassle of cable management; you don’t need to carry a separate charger and cord to power up your portable devices. With wireless charging, you only need to ensure your devices are induction-enabled, and all of them can be charged in one place. It is all possible because of the core technology called Qi Standard, capable of providing 5-15 watts of power to all the supported devices.

Inductive or wireless charging has also been going under advancements, and now cordless chargers are faster and come in many different variants. The most popular is the three-in-one foldable charger that can charge up to three devices simultaneously and be folded to fit in the pocket. You can go online and easily find a foldable wireless charger in Ottawa and Toronto at any given minute.

How Does it Work

What makes wireless charging the center of attention is its capability to charge up a device without an exposed electric surface. It contains an electromagnetic coil in the base that creates a magnetic field when the AC electricity passes through it. This magnetic field keeps on fluctuating as the amplitude of the electric current is also fluctuating. It ultimately creates an alternating electric current in the device’s induction coil, which gets converted into a direct current by a rectifier, thus charging the battery.

It’s a simple process, creating a massive pool of possibilities for safe energy transfer.

One Charger, Many Benefits

The introduction of wireless charging was motivated by creating a convenient alternative to inconvenient wired charging. Yes, you read it right, inconvenient. Not every smartphone and the accessory manufacturer makes universal standard charging cords for electric devices. There are varieties in such devices; one’s charger might not work with other devices or even fit. But it’s not the case with wireless charging technology. Let us explain:

  • Nowadays, foldable wireless chargers in Ottawa and Toronto are getting widespread demands for the simple reason that life is pretty busy in these cities. People find it handy to carry adapters for their portable devices. With one Qi-standard cordless charger, all their charging concerns can easily be solved, and it is much easier to carry it as it has a foldable feature.


  • It provides a safer use for you and your device. Wireless chargers have induction coils unexposed to air; thus no open electricity flow. So, you don’t need to be concerned about getting electric shocks. On the other hand, it keeps your device’s wired charging port from wear and tear.


  • You can charge multiple devices simultaneously without waiting for one to be fully charged so that another one can be plugged in. With a three-in-one cordless charger, you can juice up your smartwatch, smartphone, and earbuds.


  • Small features in foldable wireless chargers make them quite handy. For example, one such attribute is their ability to be used as a mobile phone bracket. It allows you to charge your devices, while watching your favorite show on the go.

The concluding point would be that while being relatively new, wireless charging is undoubtedly the future of portable devices in Canada and the rest of the world. You may see people still using conventional chargers to power up their devices, but at the same time, the rising popularity of induction charging is also reaching new heights.


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