Parking lots often go under the radar in a commercial environment. After all, no relevant business goes on on said premises. However, you would be surprised to learn that your parking lot speaks volumes about your company’s ethics and values. In this blog, we will look at the importance of parking and how businesses and companies can make their lots constantly look clean and presentable.

The importance of a clean parking lot.

A clean parking lot leaves a good first impression:

 One the first thing a potential client or customer sees is your parking lot. Before he meets with you or enters your building, he has already made subconscious assessments of your business model and discipline based on what he just saw. A dirty parking lot can affect your brand reputation and drive away potential clients. This is why it is crucial to uphold cleanliness and orderliness within and outside your main building-

A clean parking lot promotes safety:

Your parking lot should take priority when it comes to safety and security. As one of the high-traffic areas of your facility, it should be free of hazards and dirt. For instance, potholes, puddles, and trash block visibility and increase the risk of fall damage and accidents. A clean park also promotes health. By cleaning regularly, you reduce the risk of infection and allergies from bio-toxins such as mold, mildew, and other substances.

If your lot isn’t kept in the best conditions, it can be overrun by vermins and potentially dangerous animals. This usually happens when they are attracted to food waste placed carelessly in industrial facilities. Nocturnal animals like coyotes and raccoons can pose a threat to the night staff. Keeping your house in order improves brand perception and loyalty, protects your staff and clients, and limits liability.

How to clean your parking lot?

After discussing the importance of keeping your environment clean, a question that comes to mind is how to do so.

Remove trash

A dirty lot will leave a bad first impression on clients and customers alike. This is the simplest thing the cleaning staff can do for the parking lot. As a low-skill job, it can be done quickly and efficiently. Although simple, it has a huge impact on how your facilities look. Clearing trash can make it easier and safer for pedestrians and cars to navigate.

Clean/ hire professional cleaners

Your parking lot will have stains from spilled liquids and substances like petrol, engine oil, mildew, mold, water damage, etc. because concrete is porous, dirt and grime seep in, and this makes it very hard to clean. To effectively clean your lot and make it stand out, you need advanced cleaning equipment.

Pressure washers do a good job, but scrubbers are more effective and use less material for cleaning. Scrubbers or floor cleaners use 85% less water than traditional methods.

Another advantage it has over using the pressure washing method alone is that the process has a lower drying time. This reduces liability and ensures your lot is safe for clients, staff, and pedestrians. Industries and businesses can hire companies offering scrubber and sweeper machine rental in California to keep their lots clean. With a sweeper or floor scrubber rental company in California, you can set up a schedule and have them washed regularly.

Seal cracks and potholes

, flaking, and potholes usually occur due to drastic temperature changes or during a harsh climate. Concrete is not as pliable as asphalt and is more susceptible to damage caused by temperature extremes. Your organization may need professionals to seal cracks and potholes on concrete surfaces. Cracks and potholes may present hazards for cars and pedestrians who enter your facilities.

Apply a seal coat

Applying a protective layer over the concrete surface will extend its life and reduce damage caused by precipitation, spills, and harsh weather. Water, oil, grease, and other chemicals can seep into cracks and spaces in the concrete and degrade the material. The seal coat seals the spaces between concrete, thereby reducing porosity. Companies and businesses should apply a seal coat to the parking lot every 2-5 years.


As an organization or business, keeping your parking lot clean not only bolsters profitable relationships with your clients but reduces maintenance costs and improves safety.


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