Parking lots and driveways last long for many years, but only if regular maintenance of the parking lot is performed. Symptoms of wear and tear need to be observed quickly, or they could cause serious issues which will require a costly repair. Seal-coating, crack filling, and asphalt repairs are preventive maintenance that can extend your parking lot life for many years.

Protecting your parking lot means you will make sure stability, prevent water detrimental from the crack outflow, increase your parking areas’ lifetime, and save the cost of premature replacement.

A parking lot is an investment in a commercial, so concrete parking lot repair in Edmonton is necessary to protect that investment. With a reliable commercial parking lot maintenance company, you can save your dollars in the long term, keep your visitors safe and preserve your property value.

Your commercial parking lot or driveway is the first thing people notice when they visit your commercial property. Making the parking lot and driveway attractive and keeping them in well condition indicates that you are serious about your business. Keep the parking lot surface free of hazards that could cause hurt to walkers or damage the vehicles. That’s why many business owners choose concrete driveway service in Edmonton.


Unlike asphalt, concrete is not malleable, creating much less tolerance when exiting from freezing and thawing cycles. Elements cause decay. Oxidation from the sun, rain, snow, freezing and thawing cycles, and the amount of traffic that the parking lot receives cause the problems necessary to repair a concrete parking lot.

Cracking. Concrete is prone to cracking under high pressure and can be costly for major repairs. The cold climate causes concrete to expand and pact, leading to cracks. If cracking starts to occur, fix it immediately.

Salt Damage. Concrete can be spoiled by road salt. Salt damages concrete as time goes by, causing corrosion to occur under the surface, causing cracking or crumbling.

Flaking. The concrete road can make flakes in freezing and thawing areas. Flaking can occur even if too much water is used in the concrete mixture.

Potholes. Expansion and contraction of the soil under the pavement can cause potholes. Potholes occur when there has been heavy rain or snowfall. Water leaks down through the cracks and can settle below pavement surfaces. In winter, the water freezes and expands. As the temperature rises, the ice can melt and form a vacuum. Potholes can be formed by breaking the soil above the pavement material and the opening.

Parking lots are not just places to park the car while visiting shopping complexes or appointments. For commercial property holders, parking is an investment that represents property value, potential liability issues, and safety concerns. This means that a strategic approach to routine repairs and maintenance of the parking lot is essential to profitable and expanding the business. Proper maintenance, including parking lot repairs in Edmonton, can protect your long-term investment.

When you choose to work with a reliable concrete contractor, they save your investment and keep every space of a parking lot in original condition with routine maintenance to extend the durability of your parking lot and driveway and reduce any costly repairs.


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