pool replastering company in Los Angeles

If you have a pool in your home, it may be the perfect place for you to invite your friends and family for a great time together whenever you choose. It usually takes time and energy to maintain a swimming pole for a very long time. However, you may have noticed that the walls and bottom of your pool have started looking rough, bumpy, or even sharp in certain places.

It’s time to get professional help for your pool. As your pool gets older, the plaster becomes weak and starts to get rough, making them potentially dangerous for use. In Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Pool replastering is your next great idea.

What is Pool Replastering?

Pool replastering is a necessary remodeling stage for any home that owns a pool. The process involves adding a new layer of mortar over an already existing layer of plaster in a concrete pool. It is probably one of the most expensive pool maintenance items you will need to do if you own a concrete swimming pool.

Pool replastering does not only enhance the looks and design of your pool but can also provide protective and long-lasting coverage for your pool. However, the plaster may lose its tensile strength with time. The deterioration of the pool can cause corrosion and cracks, reducing the overall appearance of your pool.

What Happens If You Don’t Replaster?

There are some risks of not having a pool replastering. You may be able to guess some of them, but let’s find out more from the list below:

1. Permanent Stains

Over time, stains may become a major concern. Certain minerals usually found in water, such as iron and copper, can cause the plaster to produce stains. These stains may make the water and the pool look unclean, with a hint of a dirty green or brown color.

It may just be an aesthetic problem, which is still a big deal. Installing a new pool will require you to spend a lot of money, and you may have to get extra tools for a hectic job. After everything, you have to deal with a stained and dirty-looking pool, which can leave you feeling frustrated.

It’s crucial to note that the kinds of stains that require pool replastering in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, usually take a long time to show. If you find stains in different places after a year or two, it is most likely due to a different problem. You will need to contact a professional to take a look and fix up those spots.

2. Affects the Structural Integrity of the Pool

Another thing that should be a major concern is the structural strength of the pool. Remember, one of the biggest jobs of plaster is to waterproof the pool. If the plaster on the interior of your pool wears through in spots, water will seep through and can cause bigger issues over time.

Of course, it is possible to get those spots that wear through patched up, even while the pool is still full. However, it can just be a stop-gap measure. Until a Pool Replastering Company in Los Angeles comes through, the plaster will continue to wear down on other parts of the pool surface, and the patched areas will still be obvious.

3. Uncomfortable Surfaces

It is always uncomfortable when you jump into a pool and scrape your foot, knee, or hand because the pool’s plaster has a rough or bumpy surface. Bumpy may not seem so bad, but it can still be uncomfortable to sit or walk on, and the lumps can make the pool harder to clean and even better for algae to find a comfortable place. On the other hand, rough surfaces will not only leave cuts on your body but will also tear your bathing suits and other things in the water.


Apart from pool replastering being difficult and time-consuming, there are other reasons you may want to contact a pool replastering company in Los Angeles for the job. A professional can do the job well so that the plaster looks and works as it’s supposed to.


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