Who doesn’t love some quality exotic footwear? They are not only stylish but also unique and can be an incredible way for you to make a fashion statement. Today, let’s see some popular materials used to make men’s exotic shoes and everything you need to know about them.

Lizard Skin

When we talk about leather shoes, we frequently refer to examples made of calf, alligator, and crocodile leather. While items produced of those materials are undoubtedly of great quality, it is worth noting that there are other varieties of leather on the market that may also be used in apparel and shoes. Lizard skin leather, in particular, is a fantastic material for making shoes out of.

  • Scales created with simplicity and uniformity in mind

People who like alligator and crocodile skin shoes like them because of the bold looks they provide. Shoes made of those materials usually have distinct and irregular designs that some could consider excessive, but if you have the right amount of swagger, you can surely pull them off. To put it simply, alligator and crocodile skin shoes are made to complement a specific person’s sense of style. Shoes created from those leather types are not usually meant to be worn on a daily basis.

Something about the patterned aesthetic of alligator and crocodile skin leather shoes is unquestionably enticing, but when you see it spread out throughout the shoe, it’s clear they’re designed for extravagant occasions. If you still want a patterned look in your wardrobe but don’t like the uneven patterns found in alligator and crocodile skin leather shoes, you might like what lizard skin shoes have to offer.

The lizard skins commonly used in shoes come from ring lizards and teju lizards, according to Pan American Leathers. Crocodiles and alligators have much larger scales than these lizards. More lizard-skin scales can be crammed into a shoe, giving it a more muted appearance. Furthermore, for the most part, lizard skin scales are of identical size. Because of this characteristic of lizard skin leather, shoemakers may manufacture instances of footwear with a consistent appearance. Essentially, lizard skin leather has the characteristic appearance of alligator or crocodile leather but without the distracting uneven pattern. That’s a winning combo for many shoe connoisseurs.

  • Lizard skin leather is a strong and versatile material.

Lizard skin leather has more to offer than just its appearance. Lizard skin, like other types of leather used to produce shoes, is extremely durable and flexible. You may automatically want to walk more carefully after you put on lizard skin leather shoes since you don’t want to ruin their delicate beauty, but this isn’t something you should be concerned about. Lizard skin leather may be worn on a daily basis without developing visible cracks. Because lizard skin leather is exceptionally flexible, you won’t have to worry about wrinkles forming and ruining the material. If you think lizard skin is only good for cosmetics, think again. This material is as strong as any other material used to build exotic shoes.

Eel Skin

Eel skin is another sort of leather that has been used to make shoes. Eel skin shoes aren’t exactly common on store shelves around the world. Is their lack of popularity due to the fact that eel skin is not a good material for making shoes, or can it be attributed to the general public’s lack of knowledge of the material?

  • The leather of eel skin is surprisingly strong.

The strength of eel skin leather is one of its most notable characteristics. Eel skin is around 150 times stronger than the common sort of cowhide leather used to produce various things, according to Roje Leather. Strength isn’t necessarily a desirable characteristic in shoe materials, but it should be. Shoes constructed of durable materials are better suited to withstand the body’s weight. This translates to increased shoe durability around the edges. You may have witnessed cases where somebody abruptly removed their shoes. These events occur because the materials utilized to make the shoes were insufficiently sturdy. Even if that type of problem isn’t all that prevalent, being safeguarded against it is a good thing. It’s reassuring to know that the shoes you’re wearing aren’t going to fall apart with your next unexpected movement. Shoes made of more durable materials are likewise more likely to last for a longer amount of time. Simply, stronger shoes are more cost-effective.

So, next time you are looking for men’s exotic shoes, make sure to look for lizard and eel skin leather!


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