An excellent bankruptcy attorney will provide you with the legal advice necessary to know whether it is in your best interests to file Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.  The more appropriate description for “Chapter 11 Bankruptcy” is “Chapter 11 Reorganization” because the purpose is to modify your mortgage and debt structure so that you or your company can retain your homes, investment properties, and keep your company open and operating.

When faced with Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, one of the most important things one has to do is look for a reputable, experienced Chapter 11 attorney. There are many attorneys who are not well-versed in bankruptcy laws and certainly not Chapter 11 which is the most sophisticated form of Bankruptcy. Yet, if you contact these attorneys, they will tell you that they are ready to file and work with you on your Chapter 11 case.  When you speak with a prospective attorney about Chapter 11, always ask them:  “How many Chapter 11 cases have you confirmed in the past?”  This is a critical question.  Don’t consider a Chapter 11 attorney who has never confirmed a case or only confirmed a couple of cases!  This is clearly an inexperienced attorney that you cannot count on to successfully complete your case and protect your assets to the greatest extent possible. In other words, it is critical to select an attorney who has extensive experience in handling Chapter 11.

Mr. John Bauer of Financial Relief Legal Advocates, Inc. is one of the top-rated bankruptcy attorneys in California, dedicated to provide you with every kind of legal assistance related to your case and current financial situation.  He has successfully confirmed multiple Chapter 11 cases over the past 12 years.  He has confirmed cases in both the Central and Southern Districts of California.  He has confirmed cases before the Presiding Judges of both of these important California districts.


Mr. Bauer will thoroughly explain the entire process for filing Chapter 11. He will also advise you if other options are available to you because, in some instances, there are better or preferable options to Bankruptcy.  Mr. Bauer will explain those options for you.

If Bankruptcy is the only option, Mr. Bauer, a highly rated bankruptcy attorney in California will be able to advice as to whether Chapter 7 is a preferable option.  Chapter 7 is a liquidation bankruptcy which involves typically getting rid of your debt and getting a “fresh start” in your life.  If you are the owner of a company, you will merely return the keys to the U.S. Trustee and be done with the company.  Of course, Mr. Bauer will advise this course of action only if absolutely necessary.  He believes that it is usually preferable to file a Chapter 11 to preserve your assets or the assets of your company or LLC, but that, of course, is your choice.

If Chapter 11 is a viable option for you, Mr. Bauer as a skilled chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney in CA can guide you through the entire process, including representing you at court, preparing a reorganization plan with the greatest chance of approval, and moving you or your company towards a successful reorganization.

Our attorney John Bauer at Financial Relief Legal Advocates, Inc., is not only useful in filing for bankruptcy. He can also be valuable when facing foreclosure and negotiating with creditors outside of bankruptcy.

Another important thing to look for in a bankruptcy attorney is how easily he can be contacted.  Please note that, once you are signed on as a client, Mr. Bauer provides you with his personal cell no. so you can reach him directly without the need to leave a message with a secretary. This means quick, personal, effective contact when you have an important question, during regular business hours with a highly rated bankruptcy attorney in California, Mr. John Bauer at 714-319-3446.

Contact Financial Relief Legal Advocates

In any case, either with or without bankruptcy, you should immediately contact a bankruptcy attorney when you find yourself in a challenging financial situation and you are unsure what the most beneficial way to proceed is. If you are looking for an experienced, highly effective, and top-rated bankruptcy attorney in California, contact John Bauer immediately at 714-319-3446.


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