A type of movable container for waste loading brought and taken away by a special collection vehicle is known as a dumpster. It is a type of bin that’s lifted, emptied into its hopper, and lowered on the spot by a specially designed garbage truck. If you want dumpster-related service in Fort Wayne, simply type “dumpster rental Fort Wayne.”

This will open a list of services offering dumpster rental and dump trailer facilities in your region. Further, you can go through their availability and pricing and book a service in a couple of minutes. Ordering a dumpster on rent is easy, and you can book it online in a while.

What is the Rental Cost of a Dumpster?

The rental cost for a dumpster varies according to the rental duration, size of the dumpster, your region, and the weight of materials you are disposing of.

Types of Dumpsters 

Dumpster rental Fort Wayne services offer these three significant dumpsters types:

  • Front-loading Commercial Dumpster

These are permanently installed outside of a business company and come with locking lids. They are dumped by raising and dumping waste into a truck so that the business can refill them.

  • Temporary Residential Dumpster

It is a type of steel container that is used to store garbage, unwanted household items, and waste trash. It is shipped by a roll-off truck, and when the bin is dropped off or gets picked up, you won’t see any damages.

  • Open-top Steel Dumpster

These are larger roll-off dumpsters than those used for residential waste disposal. There is usually a back door as well as ladders to climb to gain access from the top.

Perfect Size Dumpster for Your Job

You can have a rough idea from the list of dumpsters mentioned below for your purpose. Accordingly, the dump trailer service is given by the dumpster rental services. Please be noted that the prices and availability may vary as per the location.

This kind of dumpster holds over four pickup loads. It comes in a 15 x 8 x 2 (L x W x H) dimension. These types of dumpsters are used in lifting heavy materials like asphalt, dirt, and concrete.

  • 12 Yard Dumpster

12 Yard Dumpsters can hold over five pickup loads and are recommended for lifting materials like concrete, asphalt, heavy materials like dirt, and more. The dimensions of these kinds of dumpsters are 12 x 8 x 3’5 (L x W x H).

  • 15 Yard Dumpster

These kinds of dumpsters can hold over six pickup loads. It comes with the dimensions: 10 x 7’11 x 4’7 (L x W x H). It can be used to lift heavy materials like dirt, asphalt, and concrete.

  • 20 Yard Dumpster

The holding capacity of 20 Yard dumpsters is over eight pickup loads. It has dimensions of over 21’11 x 7 x 3’6 (L x W x H). It is used to lift heavy debris from remodeling cleanups and home clean-outs.

  • 30 Yard Dumpster

These kinds of dumpsters are best suited to hold over 14 pickup loads. They have dimensions over 21’11 x 7’0 x 5’2 (L x W x H). The 30 Yard Dumpster is ideal for removing leftover junk from large homes or office renovation projects.

  • 40 Yard Dumpster

If you want to clean up the leftovers from remodeling projects and large projects, you can go for 40 Yard Dumpster rental service. It holds over 16 pickup loads. The dimensions of a 40 Yard dumpster are 21’11 x 7’0 x 7’0 (L x W x H).

So, these were some of the dumpsters offered by the dumpster rental in Fort Wayne. You can select from them the one you think will be suitable for your job.


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