Wake and bake refer to covering weed and cannabis shortly after waking up. Though it is not good for everyone, incorporating cannabis into a morning routine is not uncommon. As per market reports and various studies, people in Kitchener prefer engaging with the botanicals within the hour of waking up. Below we have mentioned some of the basic details about the Wake and Bake Kitchener concept- continue reading!

What Does Wake & Bake Mean?

Wake and bake mean waking up and baking your preferred substance in order to have the results you are looking for. Though, we do not recommend you to go with this process, if it is your personal choice, then make it done with complete research and knowledge. 

Effects Of Using Cannabis In The Morning:

Engaging with cannabis in the morning can make you feel quite more intense than in the evening due to many reasons. Wake and bake practice in Kitchener is subjective, but people believe that engaging with their preferred botanicals after long fasting helps them increase their nutrients for hours. However, there are not claimed reports regarding such information, and we do not promote any such consumption of botanical in the morning. 

Many other reports suggest that engaging with cannabis in the morning makes the users feel more intense- however, when you are thinking of going ahead with the wake and bake process, make sure to consult an expert for better guidance and information. 

How To Wake And Bake The Right Way?

If you want to practice this concept, then continue reading in order to understand the right steps;

Choose Strains With less Myrcene: 

Strains lowers in myrcene, and higher in limonene and terpinolene may have more uplifting energetic effects. Low doses of CBG, CBD, and THCV doses may also have more stimulating effects. 

Do Not Engage With Botanicals On an Empty Stomach:

Here, you need to make sure not to engage with cannabis or other botanicals empty stomach. You need good fuel to support strong components. 

Start Slowly:

Waking and baking are appropriate for come circumstances but not for all. Therefore, you need to always start with a small amount of content in order to first understand its effects and then gradually increase the dosage as per your experience and needs. 



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