There are many options available for printing full-color zed cards in New York. Specific methods are significantly less expensive while generating a noticeably poorer product, whereas other forms are considerably more expensive while creating a superior result. The discovery of a happy card between excellent quality and reasonable pricing would be beneficial.

You want your cards to resemble images as much as possible. Actual photo prints are now impossible to replicate with a digital printer, but you can get quite close. When a printing process, both digital and offset, begins to lose photo quality, we notice a loss of clarity in the bright lights and shadows and posterization. Posterization occurs when there is no longer a smooth gradient and color transition but rather a sudden, sharp, unnatural change and intense, bizarre, and most of the time intrusive hues. Instead of a photo of a person looking genuine and lively, it comes across as stark and phony. Typically, the best path to take is a compromise – a bit less quality for a little more money.

Types Of Zed Card Printing

Color inkjet

This form of printing, is carried out using inkjet printers. Some of today’s better inkjet printers can produce images that would serve as actor business cards in LA with a level of detail comparable to that of a photograph. However, since high-grade gloss inkjet paper can only be printed on one side, creating a two-sided comp is impossible. Second, the stock you print is frequently not thick enough to preserve its shape when mailed out to customers. Therefore, this method is only appropriate when you require a few cards to act as a temporary substitute. However, if you are a seasoned professional in need of a quick shift, this may be a realistic alternative for you.

Color laser

High-end color laser printers/copiers, such as the Cannon 1185, may produce output suitable for professional use. Although it is not of photographic quality, it may be sufficient for some cases. While deciding the best place to print headshots in NYC, you must take a few things into account. Having a good understanding and knowledge will go a long way to making an informed choice.

Digital Offset Color Printing

This printing technology is currently the most effective method of digital printing. The quality is almost identical to that of a photograph and is exceptionally near to full offset printing. Digital offset lithography is less expensive than traditional offset lithography for short runs. This printing method yields excellent highlights, shadows, and mid-tones. It features minimal posterization, very smooth tone changes, vibrant color (broad gamma), and printed on various paper kinds, including high gloss. Color laser is often more expensive than monochrome laser.

Custom Offset (lithography) Printing

This is the sort of printing commonly seen in publications and catalogs. The expense of this form of printing is an issue. This printing, like Digital Offset, is done on massive million-dollar presses and is not something you can do yourself. Often, the shortest print run available is 500 cards. One technique to reduce the cost of this form of printing is to group numerous printing jobs simultaneously. This way, the cost of preparing one of these large presses for use is shared among multiple tasks. When you distribute a considerable number of cards to clients and agencies, this form of printing becomes appealing. Typically, you will want to run at least 1000 cards, which will still be expensive.

Offset (lithography) printing on demand

The quality of some printing methods can be superior to that of a photograph. You can also use various printing techniques to make a comp card stand out from the crowd. At this stage, a model would collaborate with a graphic designer to create an eye-catching advertisement piece. This type of card screams “high-level professional.”

You may find it demanding to narrow down your best photographs and choose which ones to include on your zed cards in New York if you currently have an extensive and excellent modeling portfolio. Discuss your most acceptable options with your agency because they will provide expert guidance on which photos would most effectively attract the type of modeling work you are looking to obtain.


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