In today’s era, sustainable development is given a lot more focus. Building energy-efficient homes is also a contribution to such development. While planning an energy-efficient home takes a considerable amount of time, it is essential to note that your home also becomes more resilient and contented by it.

Energy-efficient homes not only save energy but also save money. With time, the energy cost is increasing, and it has been proven that home performance with an energy star can help you sustain more effectively. Such homes also contribute to energy conservation and environmental preservation.

Keeping that in mind, here are some tips to follow to make your home more energy-efficient.

Let Solar Energy be your friend.

For a zero energy home, solar panel grids are the best solution. They are cost-effective and fulfill all the energy needs like lighting, heating, appliances, hot water, etc. Solar tempering is another technique involving solar energy. It optimizes the use of passive solar energy in heating and cooling the house.

Insulated Doors and Windows

You can easily find windows and doors to help you be more energy efficient. Choosing such windows and doors lets you control the heat loss or gain in your house if appropriately located. Also, check that your windows and doors are the right fit, or you will end up with air leaks.

Water Conservation

Incorporating new techniques like using Greywater for the bathroom and garden can prove to be energy-efficient. Greywater is the recycled water from Japanese bathing, showers, sinks, washing machines, etc., which can be used in gardens through a diversion system. It is an excellent way for water conservation.

Energy-efficient heating system

Systems like Japanese bathing require water heating systems. These consume a massive amount of electricity. To prevent such overwhelming energy use, the insulation of tanks can be done. This way, water doesn’t lose much heat, and the heater remains idle, preventing energy use. Options like solar water heaters are also an excellent way to go.

Certified Appliances by Energy Star

Home Performance with energy star has been the talk of the town. Energy-star certified Appliances are considered the most energy-efficient and help the consumers save a considerable amount of energy. Just check the blue stars on the certified appliances while upgrading yourself to an energy-efficient lifestyle.

Suitable Ventilation

Proper ventilation allows a passage for air and moisture to move across the house, keeping it cool or heated as per the environment. Having an energy-efficient house also calls for minimal electrical appliances for heating and cooling, and proper ventilation lets you have a natural and healthy environment. It also filters out contaminated air, reducing appliances like air purifiers.

Closing Note

Using these tricks can turn out to be very beneficial. Moreover, you can also avoid overusing electricity by simply turning off lights and electrical appliances when not needed. These homes have been proven effective in energy conservation to benefit the environment in the longer run. They are more durable than traditional houses resulting in saving money as well. Adding to that, they also help in reducing the carbon trails.



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