Bear hunting can be a big, adventurous task!

To make your hunting much more fruitful, there are a few things that you must keep in mind while going for the jungle adventure:


Pre-scouting is a process in which you take the help of Google maps or Google Earth to locate the location of the bear. You can also use the timeline tool in Google Earth to view past images taken in August, September, or October; through this you will get an idea of where the bear can be found.

 Alaska brown bear hunt are often found in corn fields or near nuts and berries. So, on the maps look for oak and beech trees or wetland edges which, may have berry patches or cherry trees. ‘


Whenever you go for any type of wild hunting, make sure that you wear big boots and gear that will protect your skin from the attack of wild animals or bugs present in the jungle.


Bears change their position of living every month. You can use Google Maps or Google Earth which will help you find out the bear. The area can change due to various factors and if you are not able to find the bear on Google maps then you must check the cornfield.

Bears are usually found in corn fields, you can locate the corn field on Google Earth and if it has patches of corn stalks pulled to the ground, bear tracks, piles of scat, regurgitated corn, and trampled tails heading into nearby forests, then it means that the bear is either present in the field or has just left it (look for the nearby areas).


Before going for hunting, make sure that you don’t carry any human scent as the bears have a strong sense of smell and will quickly pick up on your presence.


Make sure that you stalk your stand. Wait until there is enough light to make sure that you reach your stand quietly. You may lose the actual target but your chances of success will increase if you don’t scare the other nearby bears.

Hunting can be more fun if you go with the guide. Guides have all the knowledge regarding where the bear might be and also about different techniques to hunt different bears. Nushagak Guides in Alaska offer Alaska brown bear hunts  which will make your adventure much more fruitful.


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