Buying A Medical Scrub

Selecting an appropriate medical scrub or hospital scrub is very important; it will protect the employees and patients from getting in contact with germs and bacteria in the hospital.

The scrub has to be comfortable, but also simple and functional so that they don’t act as a barrier between your long and tiring shifts!

Here Is A List Of Few Things You Should Consider Before Finalizing Any Scrub:


There is a long debate regarding regular vs. stretchy scrubs. Both scrubs have their own advantages and it entirely depends on the person, which scrub they prefer.

Stretchy scrubs give a better fitting and are efficient in absorbency. They are less prone to shrinking after getting washed.

Regular scrubs are traditional types of scrubs. They are made using a material that provides more breathability. They are available in more styles and colors as compared to stretchy scrubs.


Usually, you will find scrubs with short sleeves, which is for good only!

Oversized or large sleeves act as a restriction in the job, they may get contaminated with harmful fluids present in the hospital.

You can check out the website of Yves Scrubs to buy med couture scrubs online. All their scrubs are made from high-quality material, ensuring comfort in long shifts. They also offer med couture insights jogger pants which are highly recommended!


V-Neck shapes are gaining a lot of popularity these days. They give the wearer a lean and slim look.

They are gaining popularity by giving the wearer a professional look and enhancing their style statement. Additionally, V-Neck also provides more breathability and comfort as they don’t restrict the neck.


Chest pockets are always a plus point when it comes to a functional scrub.

In this runny job, carrying a small bag can also act as a restriction towards fast movements.

Chest pockets provide additional space in the scrub where the healthcare employee can carry small essential items like pen, mini bandages, etc.


Patch pockets are the large pockets present at the bottom of the scrub top.

Having these large pockets make your long shifts a bit more convenient.

They will help you carry essential items, and you can quickly reach them in an emergency.

Patch pockets are the most helpful thing present in the scrub. They are deep and help you add important tools.


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