There are thousands of organic grocery store chains and supermarkets in America, meaning there is a cut-throat competition between the grocers. It is a great time to rank the top seven grocery store chains in the country with the competitive grocery markets.

• Walmart Inc- The Company has registered grocery sales of $288 billion from the 4253 stores. Walmart is the biggest grocer by revenue and the largest employer with 2.2 million associates. The company sells groceries and general merchandise, operating more than 5,400 stores in the country. Likewise, Walmart is a global supply chain leader with a presence in 28 countries.

• Kroger- Kroger is the second most popular retail company in the country. Bernard Kroger founded it in 1883 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kroger is the larger supermarket by revenue and the second-largest general retailer. Likewise, it is the fourth-largest American-owned private company in the United States. Kroger ranks 23 on the fortune 500 largest American countries by total revenue. Kroger operates nearly 2800 stores in 35 states with annual sales of more than 121.1 billion.

• Albertsons Companies, Inc- It is the second-largest supermarket chain in North America. Founded by Joe Albertson, Albertsons is headquartered in Boise, Idaho. Albertsons ranked 54 in the 500 fortune list of the biggest United States corporations by total revenue.

• Koninklijke Ahold Delhaize N.V- It is popular as Ahold Delhaize that is a Dutch grocery company, operating supermarkets, hypermarkets, online grocery, and convenience stores. At the beginning of 2020, the company partnered with Instacart to provide grocery home delivery from the 750 stores. The company has expanded its business to acquire a majority stake in FreshDirect, a well-known online grocer.

• Publix- It is the largest employee-owned supermarket chain in the country, with a reported sale of $36.1 Billion in 2018. George W. Jenkins founded Publix in 1930. The company has over 1,200 stores in seven states, including Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia. Florida alone has 799 stores. Many experts believe that Publix is the best supermarket for many reasons, including the free cookies given to children at the in-store Publix Bakery.

• H-E-B Grocery Company- It is the American’s privately owned supermarket chain based in San Antonio, Taxes, with more than 340 stores throughout the USA. The company also operates the Central Market stores that compete with the Whole Foods Market owned by Amazon. Florence Butt founded H-E-B Grocery Company in 1995. The company registered revenue of $22 billion from over 340 stores in Taxes.

• Meijer Inc- Headquartered in Walker, Michigan, Meijer Inc is founded by Hendrik Meijer in 1934. The company’s 253 stores are located alone in Michigan, and the other half are located in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Meijer was ranked 19 on the Forbes magazine in 2015 in the list of America’s largest private companies. By revenue, Meijer is the 26th largest retailer in the country.

• Trader Joe’s- The Company has its store in 41 stores and has a very loyal customer base. In order to keep the prices low, the company curates Trader Joe’s branded products as it does not offer any coupons, promotions, discounts, or sales. Some products are brought at a limited supply and sold for a very short time, while the other products have sold all the time.

• Whole Foods Market- It is a well-known company that offers high-quality organic food products. The company mentions all restricted ingredients on the products. Whole Foods Market is known for stocking organic products from local as well as global suppliers. The company only sells products that meet the quality standards and prohibited more than 100 preservatives, colors, flavors, and other ingredients. Interestingly, Whole Foods Market became the first company that removed the use of plastic bags at checkout. Alongside, the company has a comprehensive waste food strategy to divert wasted food from landfills. After being acquired by Amazon, Whole Foods Market started to offer additional discounts to Amazon prime members and ensure faster delivery for Prime users.

Final words

The grocery delivery companies frequently update their supply chain management system to improve the buying experience and reduce the last-mile delivery costs. On the other hand, Walmart has tested the use of dogs for grocery delivery. For this, the company has trained selected breeds of dogs. But, the well-known business analyst is convinced with this approach used by Walmart. He believes that the company should implement the micro-fulfillment and Robomart to improve the supply chain system and buying experience of the customers like Amazon that is popular for Amazon supply chain model across the globe.


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