It is good to schedule a commercial deep cleaning in Oklahoma to have your workspace in mint condition.  Cleaning an office space is not easy; there are multiple steps involved in the process. As a consumer, you should know everything about commercial deep cleans in Oklahoma. This will help you to evaluate your service provider.

But first, you’ll need to understand the steps involved in commercial deep cleaning. If the servicing company does not follow the right approach, it is time to give your cleaning contract to a new company.

Trash Disposal

Trash disposal is the first step in a commercial cleaning plan. If you have dustbins full of waste, you need to get rid of them first. Disposing of trash is vital to have a place to store the newly acquired trash after the cleaning process.

Once the trash is disposed of, you should get the dustbin cleaned and sanitized. This will help you to save yourself from the diseases arising from the trash. Once the trash is disposed of, the inner container bag and the lid are replaced, and the dust bin is ready.

High Dust

Cleaning the dust above shoulder levels is the second step in the office deep cleaning in Edmond. This step is called high dust because all the dust accumulated on higher levels is cleared in this step.

With high dust, you can ensure that the roofs, ceilings, and other storage areas above the head are cleared before cleaning the floors. Doing this first makes it easy to focus on the cleaning task, and after this, the cleaners have to focus on surface levels and floors only.

Damp Wipe

Once the high dust is removed and disposed of, it is time for a damp wipe. During this step, every surface is cleared with a damp and moist cloth. The surfaces are also treated with disinfectants and other solutions.

This step is an integral part of commercial deep cleaning in Oklahoma. Surfaces like tables, railings, switches, furniture, chairs, and doors are treated with special disinfectants during this step.

It is essential to do disinfection and sanitization to make the surface safe for everyone. It kills bacteria on the surface and also preserves the quality of the surface for a longer time.


Once the damp wipe is done, it is time to stock the space with cleaning products. Bathrooms and dining areas are stocked with cleaning products like handwash, tissues, and others. This is essential to keep the surfaces cleaned after the process.

If you don’t have spare time to go shopping, you can always outsource these to your cleaning service providers, so you just have to pay for the products, and they’ll keep everything ready for you.

Dust Mop

This step is essential in getting the floors cleaned. With a good dust mop, professionals can effectively clear every speck of dust on the surfaces. A dust mop helps acquire dust from the corners and hallways and throwing them into the trash can.

Without this, you cannot expect good results. Having the right mop is also crucial, and if you are doing a dust mop, you need to ensure that the mop does not get wet.


Once every cleaning step is done, it is time for inspection. An inspection helps to find hidden areas that have been left over during the cleaning. Inspecting a surface can help you evaluate the quality of commercial deep cleans in Oklahoma.

Also, inspecting can help create cleaning strategies to clean out every dust from the surface effectively.

Damp Mop

If any area is found in problematic conditions during the inspection stage, a damp mop is used over it. Even though there are no problems with the cleaning, a damp finishing mop can create a good impression.

Most service providers offering office deep cleaning in Edmond like to finish their work by giving a damp mop over the floorings and side skirts of furniture.

Wet Floor Sign

A wet floor sign at the end of a deep cleaning process is essential. Most cleaning service companies add this sign to protect the people in a workspace. This sign also protects the company from running into accidents and lawsuits.

If your office deep cleaning Edmond service provider follows these steps, you have found the right partner. Moreover, you can consider these steps as a benchmark to choose a new service provider too


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