Are you an athlete? Do you play sports? Do you run? Do you want to get in shape? If yes, then recovery sports massage is quite helpful. It is a technique developed specifically for athletes and sportspeople to prepare for competitions, increase endurance, performance and restore tone after increased physical exertion. This type of massage is suitable only for healthy people who do not have problems with the musculoskeletal system. If carried out correctly, it does not cause any unpleasant sensations. But, on the contrary, it improves mood. You can opt for massage therapy in Somerset, NJ, and improve your physical capabilities up to a great extent. Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve an excellent athletic shape.

Positive Effects of Recovery Sports Massage 

  • It reduces the risk of injury when performing basic exercises,
  • It stimulates blood flow, reduces the load on the cardiovascular system,
  • Improves athletic performance in the short term,
  • Reduces the effect of lactic acid on the body and

Features And Techniques of Sports Stretch Massage in NJ

Sports stretch massage has its unique features as it uses ointments for more productive warming of muscles, joints, and ligaments. A professional masseur performs it. It is not aimed at warming up the whole body but at individual muscle groups. Sports massage is equally great for all people who lead an active lifestyle. Such a procedure, in any case, can help a person relieve tension and relax after intense stress, as well as mobilize in a short time.

Massage strengthens the muscles, joints makes the skin more elastic and eliminates fatigue. This procedure is a mandatory tool for the fastest rehabilitation of the body’s strength after competitions, hikes, and trips.

Nowadays, sports massage is widely implemented in the work of all sports organizations. It is also mandatory to use it during training and competitions. All major sports voluntary communities have massage therapists on their staff. This is a mandatory science to study in training schools, special sports courses, technical schools, and institutes. Massaging techniques include stroking, kneading, vibration, and an increasing rhythm of movement. Manipulation includes lymphatic drainage massage (improves blood circulation and lymph flow in the tissues), which helps to better enrich the muscles with oxygen and get rid of toxins and lactic acid. The power and depth of pressure are determined individually for each athlete, depending on the indicators of gender, age, and sport.

Classification of Sports Massage

Preliminary massage This procedure aims to prepare the athlete for a competition or training process with maximum mobilization of the body’s capabilities. Massage is performed 10-20 minutes before training. The session duration is no more than 20 minutes. Pre-massage is divided into warm-up, pre-start, and warming.
Restorative Massage This type of massage aims to relieve the pain. The procedure is performed after competitions, training sessions, or in between sports events. The intensity of the impact and the depth of muscle development depends on the individual characteristics of the athlete, taking into account his physical condition and the size of the muscular apparatus.
Training Massage An excellent means of improving an athlete’s performance is recommended to be carried out in parallel with training. To get the maximum result, it is necessary to consider the individual characteristics and the musculature most involved in the training process. Its duration is from 40 to 60 minutes.


Sports massage is a type of massage to improve the physical abilities and performance of athletes. It is part of the entire sports regime and training. This procedure helps to quickly achieve an excellent athletic shape and maintain it for a long time. Get massage therapy sessions in Somerset, NJ, and feel refreshed before and after sports activities.





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