Caring for trees is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. It is essential to observe the nuances, in particular, to correctly prune the plant, removing dried or damaged leaves, tops, or inflorescences. Companies that offer tree removal services in St. Johns County can perform this task quickly.

How Do I Determine Whether Pruning Is Necessary?

You must determine whether it is essential before opting for a tree removal service in St Augustine, FL. Remember that experts strongly recommend performing the procedure as rarely as possible. But still, occasionally pruning is necessary for the following reasons:

  • For safety reasons- if the plant grows near the house.
  • For aesthetic reasons (dead or dying leaves are removed). To reduce the size of the plant if it is too large.
  • For the easy collection of seeds, fruits, or flowers.

To determine problems with a tree, it is worth examining its leaves and branches. Yellow leaves indicate a lack of potassium. Pruning, in this case, is not a good idea, as the plant will die. Apply potassium top dressing to the soil and avoid pruning for at least one year.

Pay attention to the presence or absence of broken branches. If they are present, remove them immediately before the tree dies. Keep in mind that the presence of flowers or fruits also takes energy from the plant and slows its growth, so it may be rational to remove them. You must opt for St. Johns County tree removal services for safe and swift removal of dead or decaying parts of trees and help them grow faster. Professionals know how to trim trees and can achieve better results in a short time.

When To Trim Trees?

Let’s figure out when you must opt for St. Johns County tree removal services. Experts say that the most suitable time is spring, namely: April and May. There is a process such as sap flow, and there is dynamic growth. In the spring, many phytohormones are produced, with the help of their lateral shoots growing faster. Incisions in these moments are fleetingly tightened. Many people are interested in whether it is allowed to prune dracaena in winter and summer.

If you cut the flower at this time, the sprouts will take a long time to germinate or not appear at all, and the wound will take a lot of time to heal.

Useful Tips

Experts working with tree removal service in St Augustine, FL, can trim dead and old branches of trees in any season of the year. They cut all damaged areas of the plant- trunk, foliage, branches. They also examine the condition of the roots. They cut and disinfect the damaged parts of the tree.

When Is It Advisable To Prune The Roots?

Shortening the roots of a tree just because they are too long is also strongly discouraged. The tree reacts very painfully to transplanting at any age, and in adulthood, it does not tolerate any interference with its root system. However, sanitary pruning of damaged or dead roots found during palm transplanting is necessary. It should be made with a sharp disinfected tool. The places of cuts must be sprinkled with charcoal powder. If there is some other cause of damage to the root system-pests or disease, the plant should be treated with appropriate chemicals.



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