No matter how fickle fashion may be, Men’s Wingtip Oxford Shoes by Ugo Vasare remain the constant companion of the classic suit. The low-heel closed lacing and mild decorative elements make these shoes even more appealing. If you are going to attend a formal event where your appearance should be impeccable, then Men’s Handcrafted Wingtip Oxfords Shoes must be your first choice. They will make you look different from others. Let’s know more about men’s oxford shoes.

Distinctive Features of Oxford Shoes:

Many people ask- what is unique about Men’s Handcrafted Wingtip Oxfords Shoes? The simple and straightforward answer is- they are exquisite and comfortable. They can perfectly complement both casual and business styles. It is well known that fashion’s most popular color has always been and still is black. It suits absolutely everyone, regardless of gender and age. Black color looks beautiful in any case. The classic style is just as important for the fashion designers of our day.

Black “Oxfords” meet both of these important criteria: both in terms of strict color execution and in belonging to eternal and stylish fashion trends. Such shoes are useful in all situations of life. They look great when you wear them with a casual business suit.

Business, as a rule, involves frequent meetings with partners, investors, and clients. To emphasize self-confidence, strict business clothing is best suited, which fits comfortably and looks great with a pair of Men’s Handcrafted Wingtip Oxfords Shoes. They will perfectly complement the solid appearance of any businessman or just a spectacular young man.

Types of Oxford Shoes

Traditional oxford shoes are considered classic formal footwear. However, thanks to the achievements of designers,  now there is a vast selection of models that can be worn not only at special events but also in everyday life.

Types of Oxford Shoes Brief Explanation
Seamless It is the most classic model of oxford shoes. Manufacturers use high-quality leather for manufacturing such shoes. The sewing process is complex and takes a considerable amount of time. Black or brown Seamless models will perfectly complement your look. If you are going to special events, use seamless oxford shoes.
Whole cut Such shoes are similar to seamless oxford shoes. But they have only one difference-a seam on the back. The process of making them is less time-consuming but remains painstaking and complex. Such shoes are ideal for joining business meetings and seminars.
Plan Oxford They have simple design elements- no unnecessary decorative elements. You can wear them with smart casual and business suits. If you work in an office, a bank, or an insurance company, add oxford shoes to your wardrobe. You can also use them during festive seasons.
Kiltie Oxford


Their distinctive feature is a fringe or inserts in the tongue area, covering the lacing on top or located under it. Kiltie Oxford is suitable for a walk or hangouts with friends.

Manufacturing Material:

Companies use natural leather to manufacture oxford shoes. So, they are strong and allow the foot to breathe. Modern models of shoes have an improved sole with a maximum level of cushioning, which significantly reduces the foot’s sudden contact with the surface.

Nowadays, oxford shoes have become part of the everyday wardrobe. They are available in large assortments. You can buy Men’s Handcrafted Wingtip Oxfords Shoes online and make them a part of your daily life. They compliment your look during formal or informal events & help you look special in the crowd of many people.


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