Magic the gathering sets

Digital gaming has taken over the gaming world. But the role-playing games has a separate fan base who still like to play these games with friends and family. Role-playing games make the weekends even more fun when played with your friends. They can teach decision-making skills that one can use in the real world. These games are far more interesting than conventional board games and fast-paced digital games. Besides the fantasy and adventure, they offer a chance of social gathering.

One of the finest role-playing games that have been people’s favorite for years is Magic: the gathering sets. This trading card game has several sets. One can randomly obtain the card set through booster packs or buy the box sets with a fixed set of cards. The expansion symbol and three-character abbreviation on each card help one identify the set it belongs to.

How did the game start?

The game started with its first expansion, Arabian Nights, which was an independent release. It came out before the introduction of the blocks. A convention was established after the Mirage block to make three expansions in blocks, with one block per year. This expansion went on for a few years until the adoption of the ‘’Two-block paradigm.’’ Here, the Wizards removed the core set and made four expansion sets each year. This set was divided into two blocks annually. One included the autumn and winter sets, while the other included the spring and summersets.

Later on, the ‘’Three-and-One Model’’ set was introduced. This included releasing three standalone sets each year for spring, autumn, and winter, along with the Core set in summer. Again a few years later, Wizards stopped using the term ‘’Standard’’ set and instead started using the term ‘’premier’’ set. Recently they increased the number of premier sets from four to five.

What are the metal dice of ancient dragons?

Any role-playing game is not complete without a full set of dice, and the adventurous games of Magic: the gathering sets involve the great use of different kinds of dice. The look of the dice must be in sync with the nature of the game. It creates all the more thrill while playing such games. People who like RPGs are passionate collectors of different forms of dice. They keep different sets for different games with unique designs and images on the surface.

There is a collection of metal dice with customized dragon fonts. Some of the best metal dice of ancient dragons are as follows:

  1. The ancient gold finish dice come with a powder blue dragon font. These solid metal dice are polished and brushed with vintage gold color. The polyhedral size of this set of dice comes with a slightly larger D20 to make the number placement easier. The dragon font uniquely depicts the numbering. One can easily pair them with the Celtic Knot Dragon accessories and utilize the set on metal dice of ancient dragons.
  2. If you want the dice with sparkling color, go with the set that features an ancient bronze finish with a red dragon font. The antiqued bronze color is beautifully polished on the solid metal dice set. The polyhedral size of the set is made to make the number placement easier and legible.
  3. For people who like to get into the character of RPGs, this set of dice with an ancient gold finish and black font will be suitable. The unique numbering with the dragon font will make your game all the more interesting. The smooth finishing with the rich gold color gives a beautiful texture to these solid metal dice.

Why choose role-playing games?

Magic: the gathering sets offer several adventurous role-playing games that are perfect option to enjoy with your friends on the weekend. There is no age to enjoy such games. These games bring you out of the digital world and let you enjoy time with real people in the real world. And metal dice of ancient dragons add more charm to these games. Their unique design brings alive the adventure and fantasy of the game. One can collect different sets of dice for different games to get the real feel. So, get ready for some adventurous journey with these games.


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