die-cutting machines
die-cutting machines

If you are new to die cutting, need some clarification, or have a specific die cut question, we are here to provide you with some answers! Find your question below, or use the content pane on the side to help you navigate. Looking for die-cutting machines, tools, and supplies? Find a new die cutter here.

What is die-cutting?

Die-cutting is a broad concept, but in engineering, the act of die-cutting refers to the method in which you use a machine to mass-produce cut-out forms. You can build the same shape, with the same dimensions, without scissors, stencils, or knives. It saves time and makes your cut shapes look professional and consistent every time.

What is a Die Cutting Machine?

Die-cutting machines help in cutting shapes from paper, chipboard, fabric, and other materials. Most people who die regularly have their own cutting machines the size of a toaster. These die-cutter machines can sit on top of your crafting table or workbench and can be stored in a small corner and brought from there as needed. Like any other tool or appliance, there are different brands of die-cutting machines, and each one is slightly different from the other.

What are the different uses for die-cutting machines?

All die-cutting machines are paper-cutting machines. Some can even cut cork, leather, rubber, and sponge! Commercial die-cutting machines can even cut metal and other hard objects.

These die-cutting machines can make stickers, envelopes, stand-up postcards, shaker postcards, boxes, pillows, and more. They are used by card makers, scrapbookers, papermakers, handymen, and artisans in general. They are even used in school for teaching and creating projects.

Who uses die-cutting?

Nibbling is applied in producing a wide variety of items, like shoes, but cut branches quickly and effectively, with a precise cut every time. In manufacturing processes like this one, large, industrial-strength die-cutting machines are commonly used to speed up the process and withstand the constant pressure of heavy loading.

Crafters can use these machines to cut items for cards, layouts, home decor, souvenirs, banners, projects, crafts, gifts, and more, quickly and easily without the use of scissors.

What do you need for die-cutting? 

For a die-cut, there are only a few essential items. For hand-held machines, the machine is on the platform, and the shims are cut. Machines usually come with full directions describing how to use the die-cutter machine.

Where can I buy die-cutting machines?

So, are you looking for where to buy new die-cutter machines? They can usually be purchased from a craft store or online. We carry all the best-selling die-cutting machines (mechanical and digital) here at sgmsales.com.

Whether you are new to die cutting, want to introduce him to someone else, or in dire need of modernization, purchasing an affordable die-cut kit will give you everything you need for die-cutting – the machine and your choice of nested dies.

At last, we recommend you invest in high-quality Bobst die cutters that are suitable for your business.


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