flexion distraction therapy

Most Americans suffer from complications related to lower back pain. The most common symptoms include tingling, nausea, pain, and numbness in the affected area. While a visit to a doctor is almost called for, finding relief isn’t that simple. So, the best you can do is to look for alternative options.

Among the many treatment plans that are available, especially for pain, flexion-distraction therapy in Fort Lee seems to be finding a lot of takers. In this post, we will discuss how this technique may end up providing you the desired relief.

Flexion-Distraction Therapy At a Glance

As far as flexion-distraction therapy is concerned, it is aimed at providing quick and instant relief from spinal pain. The primary objective is to stretch the spine so as to reverse the spinal disc compression.

The treatment is performed on a special table that also moves as the chiropractor tries to gently manipulate the spine. All you have to do is lie down on the table, which will further move the body up and down. It is this movement that gently helps to stretch your spine, further pulling the vertebrae apart. With this treatment, you will be able to find some relief from back, leg, and arm pain.

Flexion-distraction can also help in reducing the bulging of your herniated discs and increase mobility. If it comes to a point where you want to manage chronic pain and want to provide some relief to your discs, this is the treatment you must look for. It is perhaps the best possible way to manage your chronic pain.

Should You Try Flexion-Distraction Therapy?

If you are injured or have undergone surgery, it would be good to speak to your chiropractor about flexion-distraction therapy. More or less, the non-invasive treatment style bodes well for many. In many ways, this soft and gentle technique helps to treat the underlying problems at its core. The whole focus is on providing you relief from the actual symptoms. Because of the quick and instant recovery, you will eventually get a chance to lead a normal and pain-free life.

However, before signing up for the actual treatment, make sure to consult with the experts. Sports Rehab Chiro is one such Fort Lee-based therapeutic exercise center, where you will get an opportunity to learn more about this treatment.By and large, there is a strong possibility of making a quick recovery, provided you pick the right wellness center.


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