With cold fresh air and magnificent scenery, Alaska is one of the best destinations to experience the thrill of the best brown bear hunt in the world. 

What’s special about the Alaskan Brown bear?

The Alaskan brown bear acts and looks exactly like the North American grizzly bear. In fact, most scientists consider them both the same species. However, due to the environment, abundant food sources, and management of the area, the Alaskan brown bear can be considerably more giant than the average American grizzly. 

You can expect an Alaskan bear to be 10ft tall and weigh at least 1000 lb. Nowhere else will a hunter get such a monstrous trophy than on a brown bear hunt in Alaska

With an abundant brown bear population, the Alaska peninsula is an ideal location for the brown bear hunt. The state of Alaska carefully regulates the peninsula region and neighboring islands for bear trophies. And as long as the guided brown bear hunt is followed, there should be no reason to return from Alaska disappointed. 

The brown bear hunt in Alaska is no easy game.

Brown bears have a keen sense and can pick up the human scent from miles away. Just like most bears, Alaskan bears are also nocturnal (active during the night and sleeping during the day). So the best time for hunting is early morning to late afternoon. However, hunters need to be very careful of such large predators, even if they are sleeping. 

The brown bears’ agility and strength are incredible. They are expert climbers and have running speeds that can exceed any human. So it’s essential to pay attention, plan accordingly, and rely on a professional guide that conducts your brown bear hunt in Alaska

When and where to hunt?

Bear hunting season in Alaska is held in both Spring and fall. Fall hunting season in Alaska starts on August 20th and ends on September 30th, and for Spring, it’s April 1st to May 25th. It often rains in Alaska, so if you go during Spring, you can expect the temperature to be 20-30 degrees. 

So don’t just bring ordinary rain gear; waterproof all your gear. Your weapon, like Riffle, should be able to withstand the unexpected drenching that Alaska inevitably offers. Additionally, your boots should be able to withstand the abuse of weather. 

Killing cubs and females with offspring is illegal. Moreover, non-resident hunters must be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide or an Alaskan resident who is a relative, especially when they are hunting for the first time. 

How can guides help?

When hiring a guide, you can expect personalized brown bear hunting guidance for 10 to 15 days. One group will have only 3 to 4 members at once to ensure that the utmost attention can be provided to each. 

In addition, expert guides possess knowledge about the area and where the bears are easily found. In addition, your Alaska brown bear hunt guide will also take on various other responsibilities, including:

  • Bringing supplies
  • Packing the right gear
  • Taking care of transportation to the best hunting spots 
  • Guidance regarding cooking and storing your catch

Since someone else is taking care of the details associated with your trip, you are left with fewer things to worry about. Just show up on time, pay attention to the guide’s instructions, and have a safe and rewarding brown bear hunting experience. 

Guided brown bear hunt prices in Alaska

Considering the benefits you are getting, understandably, guided brown bear hunt prices in Alaska can be a bit higher. However, it’s better than an unorganized trip where you may end up spending double the money and return without any trophy. In addition, you get rid of all the hassles from researching to bringing supplies and safely getting in and out of Alaska. 

So sit back and relax. Meditate and enjoy the beautiful scenery in between nature and let your guide take care of the hurdles.


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