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Your asphalt pavement is prone to a variety of problems, like cracks, holes, bulges, and more. Some of these issues may be resolved with a simple process, such as filling a fracture or repairing a hole, while others indicate more serious structural concerns. You won’t be able to just repair the asphalt and return to normal operations; you’ll need to engage an asphalt contractor to replace the pavement.

Before you start panicking about the cost of new asphalt paving, you should first call commercial paving contractors Fort Washington PA, to see if you can get away with some basic asphalt repair in Washington. Here are a few considerations you and your contractor should make when selecting between asphalt repair and new pavement:


In a perfect scenario, you’d have a large enough budget to cover whatever maintenance is needed, whether it’s a significant repair or completely new paving. Regrettably, most of us do not live in such a world. When it comes to making pricey repairs or large purchases, most of us have severe budgetary restrictions.

Your asphalt contractor in Phoenix may tell you that you genuinely need a new pavement, but if you don’t have the cash for it, you may be able to get away with minor repairs that extend the life of the asphalt by a few months or years.

Severity of Damage

In rare circumstances, you may be forced to invest in fresh asphalt pavement. If the damage is too large or severe, it will be impossible to restore without jeopardizing the structural integrity of the pavement. If the damage is too extensive or too severe, the cost of repairing the pavement may be greater than the cost of replacing it.

To examine the damage, you’ll need to consult with a contractor. Any hole or fracture larger than a quarter inch in diameter usually indicates that the pavement has already suffered severe damage. On the other hand, the contractor will be able to tell you what you’re up against and provide you with some choices and pricing.

Age of the Pavement

When your car reaches a certain age, you realize that fixing it is pointless because you won’t get enough miles out of it anyhow. The same holds true for your driveway. It’s not a good idea to fix it if it’s already nearing the end of its useful life.

Not only does old pavement have little life remaining to warrant repairs, but it is also likely to be too brittle to accept the repairs. The substrate will be compromised, which will quickly lead to additional damage.


If your parking lot or pavement sees a lot of traffic, you might not be able to get away with repair work. A simple patch, for example, cannot bear the strain of increased traffic. As a result, you must do another repair as soon as possible; otherwise, your pavement may suffer more serious damage.

If you don’t mind performing several repairs in a row, a patch may do. Just keep in mind that while you’ll save money in the short term, you’ll wind up spending a lot more in the long run.

Part of your decision to repair or replace will be affected by your finances as well as your tolerance for making repairs and maintaining the property. However, you won’t be able to make this decision on your own; you’ll need to engage with a Washington asphalt contractor who can help you understand the state of your pavement as well as the long-term dangers of repairing rather than replacing it. Only asphalt paving Pennsylvania will be able to tell you exactly what your pavement requires. You can then determine how to proceed based on that information.

Residential driveway paving contractor’s Fort Washington PA can help you with determining what your Washington pavement requires. Our skilled professionals will inspect your parking lot or pavement and advise you whether a simple asphalt repair work can restore it to its former glory. We handle various sorts of asphalt repair, including crack filling and patching, as well as sealcoating to help preserve your asphalt from additional corrosion or damage. We also provide fresh asphalt paving if necessary. Throughout Washington, our contractors assist both residential and commercial clients. Call us today for a free quote or additional information about your project.


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