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Roller shades are versatile, durable, and can go well with any décor. Because of its versatile and universal appeal, it is equally preferred for both residential and commercial spaces. While roller shades provide you a sleek and elegant look, you require regular care and maintenance to ensure it looks best for years to come.

Since all objects in your home attract dirt and dirt, the best roller shades for windows in Malibu are no different. For keeping the roller shades in a good shape, you require regular roller shade cleaning. But cleaning the window treatment is perhaps the last thing that comes to your mind while cleaning the home. Even it seems a tedious task for many homeowners. But with a few simple steps and having the right supplies, it can be done easily. Below are the instructions to keep your roller shades always cleaned and maintained.

Inspect your window shades

Since every window treatment type varies in material and design, carefully inspect the window shades. Are they soiled or stained? Do they need cleaning professionally? A proper inspection gives you some idea about how it should be cleaned.

Go through manufacturer instructions

It is important to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. It will prevent you from doing any damage to your window treatment. Therefore, always read the instructions before gathering the cleaning supplies.

Gather cleaning supplies

Cleaning the roller shades is a simple process with a limited number of cleaning supplies. The common cleaning supplies include a clean and feather duster, a vacuum with a soft brush attachment, a clean bucket of warm water and mild soap, a sponge or clean cloth, a towel to wipe off dripping water and dust, and a dryer.

Begin cleaning your shades

The cleaning is divided into four simple steps.

  • Use a clean and feather duster to remove accumulated dirt and dust.
  • Now take your vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to remove stubborn dust or dirt that your feather duster didn’t pick up.
  • Use a cloth or damp sponge to wipe off all dirt and dust from the handrails. Also, scrub away all strains appearing on the shade.
  • Eventually, use the hairdryer to instantly dry all wet areas to prevent any damage to the shade material.

Do you need additional cleaning help?

If you are not satisfied after the cleaning gets done with the traditional method explained above, you can contact professional cleaning companies.  Also, make sure you don’t use any harsh chemicals or scrubbing too hard to remove stains as it can cause severe damage to your window treatment.

Ensure you regularly clean your roller shades

Cleaning the roller shades once in a while is not enough, no matter how effectively you have cleaned them. Set a regular cleaning schedule, at least once or twice a week. It will ensure no massive accumulation of dirt and dust on the fabric, and the cleaning gets done easily and quickly with minimum effort. Even if you have blinds and shutters installed in Agoura Hills Calabasas, they require a regular cleaning schedule to ensure they always look great and last longer.



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