For people aspiring to get married, the wedding day is one of the best days in their lives. Their clothes are usually exceptionally beautiful. However, not everyone knows what to look for when it comes to plus-sized apple-shaped women.

This article focuses on the best wedding dresses for plus-size brides. What kind of wedding dress is best for them? What neckline is most fitting? Read on to find out.

Features to consider when choosing the best wedding dresses for plus-sized apple-shaped brides

When choosing a wedding dress for an apple-shaped plus-size bride, pay attention to these features:

1. The neckline

The best wedding dress for a plus-size apple-shaped bride should have a neckline that defines your shoulders. A sweetheart neck or a V-neck is some of the best choices.

2. Waistline

The waistline is as important as the entire dress. The dress should be able to enhance your fitness. Dresses with high waistlines are better.

3. The midsection

The midsection of an apple-shaped woman’s dress is essential. It can either enhance the disproportion or add some curves to your shape. A dress that hides the tummy and supports the bust makes the best wedding dress for plus-size apple-shaped brides. Avoid dresses with elaborate designs around the bust and hands because it will enhance the disproportion.

Best wedding dresses for plus-sized apple shaped brides

Considering the unique and beautiful shape of apple-sized women, a lot has to go into choosing their wedding dresses. Here are some of the best wedding dresses for plus size brides with apple shapes:

1. A-line wedding dress

An A-line wedding dress is one of the best choices you can make if you have an apple shape and you are plus-sized. It has all the perfect features that will enhance your body features and make you look more beautiful. This dress brings out the curve in the midsection while supporting the bust. It is best to go for an A-line dress with a short bodice that stops at the waistline.

It will create a curvy shape around your midsection, enhancing your shape and drawing attention away from the less-defined waist. From the midsection, the A-line dress flows down in a pleated or ruched pattern. This kind of dress is one of the best wedding dresses for plus-size brides because it brings out the curvy and hourglass shape that makes even their plus-size an added advantage.

2. An empire gown

An empire gown is one of the best wedding dresses for plus-size apple-shaped women. The design of the dress is meant to enhance the woman’s shape and curve while hiding the less defined areas. It features a high waist pattern that allows the bodice part of the dress and the skirt area to meet at the midsection and hides the tummy.

While the skirt is full and flowy, the bodice is well fitted to bring out your curvy shape. This dress is great for plus-sized women because it makes them look slim and tall. It is also great for petite women because it enhances their height. The dress is better if it features a V-neck that flatters the bust.

3. A ball gown

A ball gown is another best wedding dress for plus-size apple-shaped brides. This dress is usually beautiful for people of all shapes and sizes. It has a well-fitted bodice that enhances your shape and adds more curves to your appearance. This dress also supports the bust and makes it well defined without looking too big. Although an apple-shaped bride has a full chest, this dress makes it just as beautiful as any other shape.

It gives the midsection a curve. From the midsection, the gown has a full skirt that adds volume to the other parts of the body. So, from the waist down, the apple-shaped bride does not look as big as in the midsection. However, this skirt gives the lower part more volume.


The wedding day is one of the most important in a couple’s life, and everyone wants to look their best. The best wedding dresses for plus-size brides are those with high waistlines and V-necks. Examples are A-line dresses, ball gowns, and empire gowns.


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