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A broken tooth can be a problematic and painful occurrence. Teeth can split due to various factors, including deterioration, failed restorations, minor cracks, or cracked lines in teeth. It is important to note that a ‘broken tooth’ is not the same as a ‘cracked tooth.’

A cracked tooth has a slight gap in it, but the tooth itself is still intact. A crack in a tooth is on the front surface. Despite the appearance of a gap, the tooth is still in good condition. However, cracks in a tooth will spread slowly over time. Dental work in Tijuana is offered to fix cracked teeth.

On the other hand, a broken tooth loses a section of the crown—the part of teeth that is visible above the gum line. A broken tooth does not have the same health condition as a missing tooth. A damaged tooth requires urgent dental work in Tijuana, either in the form of a massive reconstruction or, more generally, a crown.

Causes of Broken Tooth

The below are some of the potential causes of a broken tooth:

Cavities: Cavities will ruin your teeth and make you more likely to have a chipped or broken tooth.

Biting down on something heavy, such as an ice cube, a slice of hard candy, or a rib, is a bad bite.

A hard blow on the face or mouth, including being hit in the face with a ball while playing, is responsible for broken teeth.

Poor Oral Hygiene: If your tooth enamel is already weakened or thinning, poor oral hygiene will put you at risk of a broken tooth.

Bruxism: Excessive teeth grinding, known as bruxism, may result in a chipped or broken tooth or teeth.

Treatment for Broken Teeth

Root canal therapy for missing or broken teeth is prevalent. The explanation varies depending on the cause of the broken teeth, such as how much tooth structure remains, and how much tooth formation is intact and free of decay. Furthermore, the decision to pursue root canal treatment on a damaged tooth is based on the requirement. Moreover, the cost of a root canal in Mexico is affordable, so that anyone can opt for the treatment.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal surgery for damaged teeth is often required to save a tooth to keep it functional and stable. If the pulp is removed because of a crack or decay that undermines a tooth and threatens the nerve, the goal is often the same: to remove the pulp to restore the tooth.

You can visit a dentist for dental work in Tijuana if you have a fractured tooth. Teeth that are destroyed because of decay will continue to decay until the root is revealed. Even teeth with a crack are far more likely to decay and, if left untreated, would easily penetrate the nerve.

The good thing is that root canal treatment is an effective restoration, as it will save nearly any broken tooth in the long run. This is unquestionably a safer choice to fix the broken or chipped teeth.


If you want to enjoy your meals and bring confidence in yourself, consider treating a broken tooth. The cost of a root canal in Mexico is reasonable that offers the best treatment for a decayed tooth. Thus, have a beautiful smile and opt for root canal treatment.


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