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Your company’s curb appeal is critical to its success. In your neighborhood, you might have the best customer service with high-quality products. However, if the appearance of your business puts customers off, they will leave.

It would be beneficial if you worked to project a favorable image, and there is no better way to do so than to keep your surroundings clean. Your carpet is one of the most important factors to consider. So, how often do you need to hire a professional carpet cleaner? Some business owners view cleaning carpets regularly as a waste of time and money and a source of unnecessary wear and tear. That may be accurate, depending on the carpet cleaning procedure employed. It’s also true that cleaning carpets occasionally will negatively impact your brand’s reputation.

Hiring a commercial carpet cleaning and letting them do what they do best is the best approach to ensure carpet cleanliness without tearing. If you’re not sure if it’s time to clean your carpet yet, consider the following factors when making a cleaning schedule.


The frequency with which the carpet gathers dirt and the cleaning schedule are determined by the activities on the premises.


These are densely populated locations. Also, dealing with foods is difficult because customers may leave spills daily. Spills and grease combine to develop unsightly filth when left neglected for a long time. No one wants to dine or drink in an unsanitary environment.

As a result, it is suggested that you clean your carpet every three months. The carpet experiences the most significant usage of all the furnishings in such places, contributing to dirt collection and general wear and strain. To keep the carpet new and extend its life, it must be clean and carefully maintained. Depending on the amount of foot traffic in your restaurants, you should have your carpet professionally cleaned once or twice a year. You should vacuum the carpet at least once a week between professional cleanings.


This is, once again, a high-traffic location. Depending on what you offer, you should clean your carpet every 3 to 6 months.

·        SCHOOL

You should have a three-month carpet cleaning schedule if you own a school.


Cleaning requirements in healthcare facilities are very severe and must be observed. Because of the increased incidence of airborne contamination, you should clean your carpet as often as possible. There is no set schedule for this because every healthcare institution is different, and each day has its own set of events.


Neutral-colored carpets are standard in office buildings. The carpets, in most circumstances, reveal little to no dirt. However, because dirt isn’t apparent doesn’t imply it isn’t present. Commercial carpet cleaning services should be scheduled once a year in low-traffic workplaces and twice a year in high-traffic offices.

Did you know that the most significant piece of equipment in a room is the carpet? It’s also the one that gets the most attention. It’s understandable, yet few people consider how much dirt is tracked daily. People don’t pay much attention to it; however, dirty-looking rugs can ruin your room’s overall aesthetic. Professional Carpet Cleaning in DeKalb County can keep the fibers looking new and improve the room’s aesthetics. A professional carpet cleaning service can also help extend the life of your carpet. Over time, dirt, dust, allergens, and other material accumulate in the rug and become embedded in the fibers, causing the fibers to break and disintegrate. Because dust and other particles are more likely to attach to a dirty carpet than a clean one, removing the dirt and debris will extend the carpet’s life.

By maintaining your carpet regularly and having it professionally cleaned once a year, you can improve its appearance and longevity while contributing to a healthier environment.

This is a great time to have your carpet professionally cleaned to remove any dirt or debris that has gathered in your home over the year. Get in touch with us if scouting the best Carpet Cleaning Services in Decatur, Georgia.



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