Never Have I Ever game is gaining immense popularity because it has all the ingredients to break your boredom and monotony. Never have I ever game is a fun game that needs to be played in larger gatherings, say parties, the minimal number of players for the never have I ever game is 5. The game generates fun when there are more players.

Never have I ever game comes as card decks. There are various themes. Never have I ever game:

The game commences when people sit in a circle, at least five players. The first player sitting in the center begins the game saying, “Never have I ever…” and completes it. The players should speak only the truth. If there is falsity or you are found mumbling for the correct answer or fabricating it, you will be eliminated from the game.

The other participants, including the one on the hot seat, should keep their palms open. All the fingers should be seen. If you have done a thing which your colleague did not do, you can fold the finger.

The never have I ever game has a dirty questions version too. Some are dirty, and you can retain some, for they feel not-so-dirty and innocuous. Before playing the game, you can remove the questions that you are not comfortable answering.

Here are a few never have I ever game’s dirty questions:

  • Never have I ever cheated anyone in any relationship
  • Never have I ever thought of blaming fellow participants of this game
  • Never have I ever stayed awake for you the whole night
  • Never have I ever regretted marrying you
  • Never have I ever slept over at a friend’s place
  • Never have I ever had a bad encounter with anybody
  • Never have I ever felt sad or bad that you would leave me
  • Never have I ever tried to defend somebody
  • Never have I ever messaged something vulgar to my friends
  • Never have I ever been afraid of watching horror movies
  • Never have I ever been a suspecting wife/husband

You can decide which cards to remove before playing the game. To know more about the game, you can do a bit of Google search and order the deck. You can start playing the Never have I ever game sooner.


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