It’s not big news that your SAT scores are crucial to getting into college. The higher your scores, the greater your chances of getting into better colleges and getting the scholarships you want.

For many who have done the SAT, there might be a general feeling of “I could have done better.” For many others who are yet to, there are many tips you can engage to ensure you get the scores you want. Here are some of these tips:

1. Begin with the questions

Although the SAT is designed so that the reading passage comes first, you are not required to begin with the reading. It might be beneficial to read over the questions first, so you know what to look for while reading the passage.

Knowing the questions ahead of time allows you to underline key information and move faster – it’s an exam, after all.

2. Expand Your Vocabulary

You don’t like words? The SAT does. In fact, the SATs are full of them. From the critical reading section to the essay writing section. It’s essential you possess a robust lexicon before taking the SAT. A good way to develop your vocabulary is by reading, as you find difficult words when doing so. Anytime you encounter a word you don’t know very well or don’t know at all, ensure you get its meaning and memorize it.

You can look through earlier SAT and PSAT practice questions to help you, as the SAT sometimes contains the same words. Building your vocabulary will not only help during the SAT, but it will also strengthen your essay writing and be of immense help throughout and beyond your college career.

3. Study Materials?  Take Advantage of Them

There are just too many SAT prep books for you to use, so knowing which to choose might be the issue. In fact, several libraries and bookstores dedicate whole book sections to these exams. These books offer PSAT, SAT, and ACT practice questions, test-taking strategies, reading examples, and other information.

4. Recognize and deal with your flaws

If you’ve taken the test before and you’re reading this, this section was curated just for you. Everyone gets a score report after taking the test the first time. This report comes with an analysis of the questions you missed.


With this advice in your head, learning from previous mistakes, an SAT tutor online, and doing some PSAT practice tests, you may expect a higher SAT score when you retake it. Know that your preparation induced it! Good luck!


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