Many people today are opting to buy a massage chair for their homes due to its increased benefits. From increasing your blood circulation to de-stressing you within minutes, getting a massage chair can be perfect for many reasons.

Whether you’re looking at a 3D massage chair Osaki OS-3D or any other model, you need to consider whether it’s what you’re looking for and what you will use for a long time. When you’re having trouble figuring out which massage chair is right for you, take help from this guide.

Your Budget and Requirements

When you’re beginning to search for the perfect massage chair, you need to have a vague idea about your requirements beforehand. It would help if you considered aspects like:

  • What areas do you have the most pain or aches from?
  • What are you hoping that the massage chair will do for you?
  • How big should it be?
  • What kind of material are you looking for?
  • Have you used a massage chair before?

Along with these questions, you would also need to consider your budget for the massage chair. While some massage chair models can be affordable, you should still have a budget in mind to prevent overspending and narrow down your search.

Key Features in Massage Chairs

While all massage chairs have one crucial feature: the method used and extra features available can be different to provide massaging options for your body. You can find different massage options such as:

  • Rolling massage
  • Kneading massage
  • Heated massage
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Airbag massage

You might also want to consider other features like:

  • Zero gravity recline
  • Point and zone massage
  • Leg and foot massage
  • Full body scan
  • Space-saving technology

There can be many features available for every model of massage chair. When assessing these models, what should be necessary here is how much use you will get out of the features. If you don’t think you need anything beyond the basic features, you should stick to that and not get distracted.

Additional Options

You can also find other options when it comes to massage chairs, which is their entertainment component. Not all massage chairs have this, and you will find this primarily available in high-end models.

Entertainment features can usually include a LED screen, Bluetooth speakers, and USB outlets.

Design and Quality

When you’re looking for the perfect massage chair, regardless of whether it’s the Hiro IT Massage chair or some other model, its design needs to be precisely what you’re looking for.

Massage chairs can take quite a bit of space in your home, so you should ensure that you’re finding a model that can fit in your home. Massage chairs come in varying designs and color themes, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding the perfect one for you.


Massage chairs can be a significant investment, and before you purchase your chosen model, you should check beforehand about the warranty. While it is rare to find a massage chair with no warranty, many manufacturers are very strict about qualifying for a warranty.

You can usually find models with a year or more coverage if the massage chair has a malfunctioning part or some defect. Ensure that you’re not buying any model without seeing the warranty details first.

Customer Reviews

Since there are so many models and variants available for massage chairs, the best way to find one that’s perfect for your needs is by looking through customer reviews.

Customer reviews are a great place to see the massage chair you’re interested in being used to and how people feel about it. With popular models, you might even be able to find thousands of reviews detailing each feature and aspect.

Reading these reviews is an excellent way of determining whether this chair will be used in your home for the next few years or forgotten about once it is bought.

Choosing the Best Massage Chair For You

Once you’ve considered all the aspects above, it can be ideal to decide on the best chair for your requirements. Whether you choose to get a Japanese technology massage chair or any other model, you should know beforehand the features and details.

Don’t mistake purchasing your massage chair without thorough research, as it won’t just put a hole through your wallet but become an eyesore in your home too.


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