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Having a crack on your screen has serious safety and legal implications. Driving a car with a crack in your field of vision puts you at risk of colliding with other drivers or pedestrians. In the advent of a collision, a weakened windscreen may inhibit the performance of the airbags. A crack also increases the likelihood of the glass shattering due to extreme weather or fluctuations in temperature and shock.

You shouldn’t take cracks on your windshield lightly. The longer you wait, the more your screen deteriorates and the more you expose yourself to danger.

Damages you shouldn’t ignore

You may be able to handle minor chips and scratches on your glass, but if you notice any of these types of damage, you should visit your ICBC glass repair shop. the diameter of any crack is less than one inch, you can take it to an auto shop for repair. Anything larger than a 1-diameter crack will require ICBC windshield replacement. Also, if the crack damages all the layers of your windshield or affects your field of vision, you will need to replace the glass.

Edge crack

An edge crack starts near the edge of your class and extends towards the center. The crack may be as long as 12 inches. It happens when there is excess pressure around the perimeter of your screen. This type of crack on your screen can quickly spread and cause damage. You may be able to get away with repairing an edge crack shorter than 6 inches, but anything longer may warrant a replacement.

Star break

A star break is characterized by its shape. It has cracks that radiate outwards from the impact point/nucleus, just like a star. A star break may continue to spread if left unattended. E

Bullseye crack

A bullseye crack looks similar to the concentric rings of a dartboard, with the center indicating the impact point. Pressure or additional impact will affect your screen’s structural integrity. A crack like this can impede visibility and further cause a hole in your windshield. The half-moon crack is similar to a bullseye crack, but it takes the shape of a crescent moon.

Floating crack

A floating crack is similar to an edge crack, the only difference is that a floating crack starts 2 inches away from the edge. A floating crack requires just as much attention as an edge crack.

Combination break

In some cases, the glass may have different cracks. A bullseye may have a 10-inch crack connected to it, or a star break may trail from the center to the edge. In severe cases such as these, you will need to visit Speedy Auto Glass Shop UBC Downtown Vancouver to get the problem fixed.

Why you should let the professionals handle it

When it comes to dealing with technical aspects of your car, it’s best to leave things to the professionals.

You may complicate things

Fixing your screen may seem easy on paper, but in reality, you have one shot of getting things right. As someone with little to no experience, many things could go wrong. If you make a mistake, there’s no way you can remove the resin or film used on the glass. This can further exacerbate the problem.

Quality of work

Let’s face it, unless you have some experience, you can’t fix a crack better than a professional. Auto glass repair experts have years of experience, and they’ll do the job more effectively than you. You can bet that the resin you get from a DIY kit won’t last as long as the one professionals use. Fixing your windshield yourself will most likely be a temporary solution, and the problem may rear its ugly head later. They have access to better tools and materials to guarantee a thorough job.

It is actually cheaper

Contrary to what many think, hiring a professional is more economical. With your insurance, you can get your windshield repaired for free, depending on the nature of the damage. If the windshield needs a replacement, you will only need to pay a deductible. Instead of spending time and money getting a DIY kit, let your insurance handle it.


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