You may be an expert in your federal job but may not feel confident in planning your retirement. Perhaps, you don’t possess knowledge or haven’t received any kind of training for retirement planning.

Federal jobs have their own unique set of challenges that don’t spare time to think about your retirement planning. Consequently, you are bound to face many challenges in planning your retirement. Therefore, we have come up with all useful insights that can steer you in the right direction for your retirement planning.

Being a federal employee, you must be eager to know how to calculate retirement benefits; however, there are many things to know before that. Read on.

Overview of Federal Employee retirement plan

Did you join your federal job in 1984 or later? You are covered under the federal employee retirement system, which provides basic benefits, social security, and a thrift saving plan. If you were hired before Dec 31, 1983, you are eligible for the civil service retirement system; you won’t be eligible for social security benefits because its taxes aren’t deducted from your paycheck. However, all are eligible for thrift savings, which are contribution retirement plans similar to 401(k). This type of contribution plan is tax-deferred as you can postpone paying tax until you withdraw the amount on retiring.

Before you choose any retirement plan, get aware of different retirement benefit plans through the below-mentioned points.

Federal Employee Life Insurance

One of the benefits of being a federal employee is access to federal employee group life insurance. Although all federal employees are covered in a basic life insurance policy, employees can choose among several options for additional coverage. On the OPM website, you can calculate the premium and coverage to estimate the benefit that you’ll receive.

Survivors benefits plans

Employees enrolled in FERS are eligible to receive pension benefits which can be passed on to their loved ones. For instance, your surviving spouse is eligible to receive pension benefits; if the spouse is not there, the benefits can be passed on to your children.

The above points are just the knowledge part of several federal employee benefits. Its execution may take more effort; however, with the help of the following tips, you can make the most of your retirement planning.

Make the most out of your federal employee with these tips

Life can be a lot easier after availing of various federal employee benefits because it includes health insurance, basic benefit plan, thrift benefit plan, and life insurance. Your salary may not cover all the expenses; it is important to consider taking the most out of your retirement benefit plan. Consider the following things for financial retirement planning

    • How much of your income should you invest in retirement and savings to maximize your benefits?
    • How should you distribute your investment in your federal retirement saving plan?
    • Which federal benefit can save you money on monthly expenses?

You can take advantage of your retirement planning using the above points; if you face any problem, take help from a planning consultant.

How can a federal retirement planning consultant help you?

A federal employee retirement consultant can help you in effective retirement planning. They are highly qualified and certified consultants who have set various successful retirement plans for federal employees. As you may face many problems calculating your retirement benefits and may also not know which medicare plan would be best for you, reaching out to a consultant is a great step.

These federal consultants read the ins and outs of federal retirement annuity, medical benefits, and life insurance. They are well-versed in finding out which plan can work for whom according to the eligibility factors. You may not know that some tax-deferred saving plans can postpone your tax responsibility until you withdraw money at the time of your retirement. But, a concerned consultant will let you know all such beneficial points.

Do you know that your retirement date also affects your benefits? Consultants understand these things better. Thus they can help you figure out the best date for your retirement. An active consultant can help you finish your paperwork before your retirement; they ensure that you start receiving benefits as soon as you retire.


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