Today, patients seek other options aside from being told by doctors to take drugs or have procedures for their medical conditions. This results from the increasing need to find a faster solution to their situations. Through this means, medical institutions introduced the term “Medical massage”.

Medical massage is a therapy usually carried out by a therapist as part of a treatment plan. The medical personnel who performs this duty is a medical massage therapist. However, these medical therapists do not have the legal ability to diagnose any condition for patients; however, they are usually recommended by a medical professional.

This therapy differs from one person to another and is often focused on the specific areas of concern in the body instead of the entire body. In this blog, we will be discussing everything you need to know about medical massage. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Reasons for Medical Massage

#1. It Helps Improve Circulation

Medical massage is usually recommended to help improve circulation and heal the body. This is done in several ways depending on the patient’s condition and need for treatment. For instance, the kneading massage technique is used by a medical therapist to provide vitamins, oxygen, and any necessary nutrients required to quicken the healing process.

Medical massage therapy is also used to remove fluids from injured areas in the body that may cause pain and discomfort in a patient. Patients with lymphatic drainage disorders and fibromyalgia often need improved circulation to relieve pain and restore physical functions.

#2. It Helps Prevent Compensatory Injury

This is usually similar in cases where people change how they walk, talk, or move to compensate for an injury. A perfect illustration is a patient who had hip surgery. Such people often experience a lot of pain, and they often lean on the opposite hip to reduce the pain from the affected area.

Physical therapy in San Luis Obispo is used to alleviate the discomfort that might be placed on injured hips in the body. It also helps quicken the healing process of the affected area. As a result, patients can use both hips effectively without placing stress on other parts of the body.

#3. It Is used to dissolve scar tissue

Scar tissues are often found in areas surrounding the muscles and nerves, and any injury around this area can cause a deep feeling of pain. These injuries also form thick bundles of collagen fibers that create lumps big enough to be felt beneath the skin’s surface. In such cases, medical massage is advisable to dissolve the formation of those scar tissues and relieve discomfort in the body.

#4. It Is Used to Relieve Tension in the Body

Muscle tension is often caused by staying too long in a particular place. When you stand or sit in a specific position for a long time, you may develop pain and sometimes swelling in some body areas, especially your feet and knees. Medical massage loosens the muscles found in that particular area of the body where the pain is felt,

#5. It Reduces Inflammation

Medical massage therapy helps to increase the way the body responds to genetics because this plays a role in how quickly a person recovers. It also helps to reduce inflammation and helps quicken healing at a cellular level.

#6. Massages Help the Brain Fight Pains in the Body.

With the use of chemically produced products like endorphins, the brain can manage physical, mental and emotional stress and pain. What you need to know is that medical massage therapy also has the same effect. Medical massage is used to revive the hormones associated with pain to help relax the muscles and pains in the body.


Medical massage is a therapeutic massage in Slo is widely accepted in the field of medicine as one of the ways to reduce pain and heal injuries. It is also a good career choice for anyone who wants to build a career in the health industry. It is important to note that while physical massage therapy can be done by any massage therapist, medical massage therapy is practiced by a licensed medical therapist with qualifications.


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