Everything You Need to Really Know About Car Detailing Services

People often think that car detailing is a simple process that involves regular car wash services. This is probably because car detailing includes all the steps involved in washing a car, but they do not have the same purpose.

Car detailing can be likened to a body spa day, while a car wash can be likened to a regular bath day. While your full body spa includes scrubs, and peels that leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, your traditional bath removes dirt from the body surface, so you don’t go around looking unkempt.

There are many processes involved in auto detailing near me that cleanse and recondition your car. This process is divided into two major components; exterior detailing and interior detailing.

Below we will discuss everything you need to know about the processes of car detailing. Let’s go!

Exterior Car Detailing

Exterior car detailing goes beyond quickly washing the external parts of your car. It involves several processes needed to restore the car to its best condition. The exterior parts of a car are the visible parts, including the tires, windows, and the car’s body.

In this process, you may need to contact Seattle car painting services to restore your car to its original function. It uses car polish, wax, detergent, etc., to remove scratches on a car surface and make it glow. There are four main processes involved in car detailing, which include;

#1. Car Washing

This cleaning process is often done by hand. The exterior parts of the car, including the rims, doors, glasses, and tires, are thoroughly washed using car cleansers. It is advisable to go for car cleaners that will not be too harsh on the painting and body of the car.

#2. Car Claying

Here, a clay bar is applied to five cars to remove impurities that were not removed with the regular car cleanser. It is often the final resort in washing a car.

#3. Car Polishing

Cars are prone to fade and lose their shine after being used for a while, even if they are washed regularly. This is why you need to polish your car by using any Seattle car painting service near you. In this process, your car restores its original polish.

#4. Car Sealing

Anyone that wants to give their car a glossy look should apply car sealing. This is often done by using a car wash or any car sealant.

Interior Car Detailing

While exterior detailing is focused on the car’s exterior parts, interior detailing is more concerned with the car’s inner parts. The process involves steam cleaning and vacuuming to remove stains from the car interior.

When describing the interior sort of the car, we refer to the car’s plastic, vinyl, and leather components. This means that extra tie and effort need to be exercised to ensure that first are removed, and foul odors are too.

This means that the interior cabinet, air exhaust, and even the windows should not be neglected. A bad or broken window can create an obscure view for the driver, unsafe for all road users. Therefore you need to visit any car window replacement in West Seattle to fix your windows.

Several processes are involved in interior car detailing, which are not limited to washing with soap and water. They include the following;

#1. Vacuuming

This is the first step involved in any interior auto detailing service. The seats, trunk, shelf, headliners, and rear cargo area are vacuumed. It is advisable to vacuum the car floor mats separately from other car parts to get the best results. Also, you can actually use an air compressor for areas that might not be easy to reach using a vacuum.

#2. Brushing and Steam Cleaning

This process is used to remove stains and blemishes from car mats and carpets. Because these diets are likely to have accumulated for an extended period, using a steam cleaner makes it more effective. Ensure that your carpets dry completely before putting them back into the car to prevent mildew.

#3. Glass Cleaning

This process is used to keep the glass clean and sparkling. This should be done mildly so it does not leave scratches on the car, and it should be done thoroughly, so it does not obstruct the drivers’ view.

#4. Perfuming

This is the final process in interior car detailing, and it involves leaving the car smelling nice. It can be achieved by using a good car scent of deodorant.


Car detailing is often more extensive than the regular car wash. Depending on your car’s needs, you need auto detailing near me to get the best car services.


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