Specialty Asian Foods

The food items made with high-quality ingredients that deliver high nutritional value to the food are termed specialty foods. They are manufactured in a comparatively smaller quantity. Consumers perceive specialty foods to have several benefits compared to other foods, and they often pay higher prices for these food items. But Jans Enterprise Corp. delivers the best quality specialty Asian foods at competitive prices.

Specialty food does not come with a standard definition, and being open to more than one interpretation; you may often get confused between them. Also, being made with expensive ingredients, specialty foods have a higher price compared to staple foods. However, Jans still delivers specialty foods and purveyors at a lesser price compared to others manufacturers.

More About Specialty Foods

Specialty foods have strong regulations by both federal as well as state agencies in the United States. There’s a continuous growth in the sales of specialty foods. Several reports from over eighty to eighty-five percent of total specialty food sales business happen at the retail level.

Jans Enterprise Corp has an amazing stock of specialty Asian foods, from quality dried fish to snacks, beverages, and everything in between. Whenever you feel like having some Asian foods, just visit the Jans website, and get the best quality Asian food for yourself. There’s a lot you can order, from beverages to noodles, snacks & bites, and more.

Mainstream Specialty Foods

There are a vast number of mainstream specialty foods, from noodles to crackers, bites, and more. A food magazine from the western region has predicted that the trend of Asian food will continue and rise more in the upcoming years.

The current generation of the world is dependent on social media, the internet, street fusions, and food. As a result, they will bend more towards the Southeast Asian, Mexican, Indonesian, and Japanese blends. People often want to try new things, and they are more attracted to exotic foods than just regular dishes. Jans Enterprise Corp incorporates new varieties of foods so that customers can get a diversified range to pick up from.

Jans Enterprise Corp. keeps itself updated with the latest trending foods in the region or at the national level to provide more ethnic Asian products to the customers. The company offers a variety of noodles, dried fish, snacks, bites, and other solo meals.

The company offers freshly packed products throughout the regions of the US and abroad. The categories of Asian food are continuously growing, so the firm tries to keep its product list updated with the most recent in-trend products.

About Jans Enterprise Corp

Jans is a leading California-based company that provides the best specialty Asian foods and beverages. It provides top-quality products with a wide range to pick from. Founded in 1998, the company has been offering the clients the best products and ensures the items delivered are fresh and top quality. The firm has built up its warehouses and stores across the US for the on-time delivery of fresh products. Jans offers the best-in-class products at competitive pricing, and it excels in the best customer service to the clients. Since the products are delivered directly from the stores/warehouses to the clients, there’s always a fresh quality product delivered at the destination.

From healthy snacks to beverages and more, there’s a lot for you at Jans Enterprise Corp, and there’s even an ever-growing list where each product gets updated every time. There are always fresh quality products for you in the store. Below mentioned is the range of products delivered to you:

  • Flavoring Extracts (Orange, Strawberry, Ube, and more)
  • Condensed Milk
  • Aloe Vera Beverages
  • Fruit Juices
  • Dried Jackfruit Bites
  • Wafer Bites
  • Sesame Crackers
  • Butter Cookies
  • Mixed Root Chips
  • Salted Egg Chips
  • Mie Sedaap Noodles, more

Final Thoughts

Jans Enterprises Corp is a leading specialty Asian food supplier with a wide range of products ranging from foods to beverages. The company believes in on-time delivery of the freshest products to the clients to fulfill the requirement on an urgent basis.


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