Do you want to buy an engagement ring that stands out? You should think about more than just an unusual stone and go for a unique style. Opting for a tension set ring is like moving from classic settings. This ring comes in a modern and sleek look and is a great choice for the bride. After all, if you want to learn more about tension set rings, continue reading this article.

What are tension set rings?

Tension set engagement rings come with enormous tension, including the ring’s setting that holds the diamond correctly in place. Diamonds work best with the designer tension-set rings because of their hardness and durability. If we talk about the most tension settings, they come with a solid one-part ring design.

Further, such rings are made with the tensile strength of precious metal to retain diamonds or gemstones. Many designs are inspired by tensile designs used in building and architecture.

Many people want to wear a tension setting because they try something different from traditional. For this reason, tension set rings are unique and are not seen very often. Due to this, this style becomes unique, offering your unusual appearance.

Why should you choose tension-set rings?

Tension settings or tension style rings are very popular for engagement as they combine a unique design. Whether the diamond has been held by suspension or looks like it does, it always creates instant appeal.

A diamond is not surrounded by much metal in a tension ring, such as in other settings. Tension rings made with diamonds can reflect more light delivering more brilliance and sparkle.

Many designer tension-set rings combine large and thick bands to make the ring for both sexes. That means tension rings are of unisex quality.

Advantages of wearing tension-set rings

There are many benefits of wearing rings made with tension settings. We have included some of the notable benefits below:

  • These rings have properly secured diamonds.
  • They boost light reflection like brilliance and fire because diamonds are not surrounded by much metal.
  • These rings don’t need more maintenance than others.
  • They come in a modern, unique and stylish look.
  • Both men and women can style these rings.

Are tension set rings safe?

Yes. Tension set rings such as designer tension-set rings are completely safe and secure. There is less risk associated with the center diamond or gemstone. After all, when you see this ring for the first time, you will find it quite pre-carious. You may think about how the diamond can be placed between the bands with a small amount of contact with either side of the ring? You think right. There are many reasons why tension set rings can correctly hold a diamond.

The first reason is that these rings have a tensile force that helps in the exertion on the diamond by the ring. Further, the diamond receives pressure from both sides, making the ring hold securely in place with very little risk of getting loose.

Further, many small grooves cut in all dies of the band, helping to hold the diamond in place. You may not be able to see these grooves as they are small. After all, the primary purpose of these grooves in tension-set rings is to secure the diamond from slipping.

How can you care for a tension setting?

When it comes to caring, tension set rings; many things come to the mind of most people. But it would help if you did not care about your tension set ring-like regular rings. These rings require additional care and safety measures to ensure the stone’s safety. In cleaning your ring with warm water and jewelry cleaner or dish soap, you should provide extra care while partaking in activities. Further, traditional rings have a crossbar underneath the stone, but tension rings don’t have result in less security.

That’s all you need to know about tension set rings. You can read the full article to learn everything about these rings. After all, if you have to buy such rings, you can visit an online store and explore the latest collections.


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