Suits are one of the most important forms of attire in men’s formal fashion. Men prefer to wear suits in different environments and occasions. But some of them don’t have enough information regarding how to wear suits on different occasions. They believe that the same suit can work in every place. But this is not the scenario. As a suit lover, you must know that there are different types of suits available in the market. You should pick your suits according to the place and occasion.

Here are some Different types of suits that can make your formal fashion more accurate: 

Summer suits:

Summer suits are generally lighter in nature with more porous fabrics like fine merino wool. These suits can have sun-reflecting shades that give calmer vibes if you love to wear light-colored and bright suits. Summer suits can be a good option. 

Lounge suits:

Lounge suits are those suits that have matching colored blazers and trousers. Suppose you’re getting an invitation with a dress code of a lounge suit. You can easily go with any of your office suits if it has the same color. 

Wedding suits:

Suits are one of the major men’s clothing in Greenville, SC, for functions like weddings, engagements, etc. Wedding suits can be a little more stylish than regular formal suits. Three-piece suits are preferred for big events like weddings. 

Types of suits on the basis of fittings, lapels, and designs:

Slim-fit suits:

A men’s slim-fit suit doesn’t have excess fabrics. When someone wants a form-fitting style fashion, these suits work well for them. These suits look narrow at the chest and waist. People with great physiques like to wear these suits. These suits consist of slim-fit jackets and pants but have room for comfort. The lapel is marginally shorter to match the shoulders. 

Modern fit suits:

If you don’t want to wear slim-fit suits but want to maintain style and elegance, consider modern-fit suits. These suits offer a fit look with more breathing space. With the right kind of accessories, you can get a stunning look wearing a modern-fit suit. You can pick these suits for any occasion, outing, etc. 

These suits generally have a slim-fit, shorter-length jacket with squared-off style shoulder, flat front pants, and a slim lapel. 

Classic-fit suits:

Classic-fit suits can be an excellent option for those who don’t want to overthink the process. These suits can provide comfort and unrestricted designs without losing their aesthetic and classic fit appearance. For office and formal places, these suits are usually preferred. 

Classic-fit suits have a fuller build jacket that covers your rear end with comfortable shoulders. Also, these suits have a standard collar design in the lapel and regular-fit pants. 

Shawl Lapel suits:

Shawl lapel suits have a smooth, uninterrupted lining and are generally found in formal wear like tuxedos and fancy dinner jackets. These types of suits can be a good example of formal fashion wearing. If you’re looking for any attire for a party, shawl lapel suits can work well.

Notch lapel suits:

These suits have one of the most common lapels. The notch lapel is a visible indent where the collar and lapel meet. You can consider these suits as a safe option for formal wear. 

Single-breasted suits:

Suits with one, two, or a maximum of three buttons along the seam are considered single-breasted suits. Most of the professional suits that men wear in their everyday work are single-breasted. These suits are usually paired with notch lapels. 

Double-breasted suits:

The double-breasted suit has additional buttons on the jacket’s sides to provide an attractive look. The number of buttons in the suit can range from four to eight. The extra buttons pull the viewer’s attention towards the side of the suit along with the seam. If you love to try something more stylish with formal suit-wearing, double-breasted suits can be a good choice to start. 


You should focus on quality while buying men’s suits in Greenville, SC. Knowing various types of men’s suits will give you a better idea of what to wear at which place, but the quality is something you should ensure no matter which one you choose. 


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