Difference Between Men's Elevator Shoes & Platform Shoes

Men often use elevator and platform shoes as interchangeable terms. However, these two shoes are entirely different. Both styles of shoes are high-heeled leather shoes for men.

We’ve created a guide to assist you in grasping the important difference between elevator shoes 5 inches and platform shoes.

What are Elevator Shoes?

Elevator shoes are less bulky and more delicate high-heel leather shoes for men who are conscious of their height and prefer to look taller. Elevator shoes for men can add a few inches to your height without making it noticeable. Designers accomplish this by incorporating a height-increasing footbed into the shoe. On the other hand, conventional shoes have insoles and heels built underneath the sole.

Elevator shoes look like conventional shoes and provide the desired height lift. When you first try on elevator shoes, you may feel a bit awkward. You will become accustomed to it with time, and walking in these height-increasing shoes will naturally come to you. The elevator shoes’ heels have a built-in height-increasing footbed. As a result, when you walk in them, your legs are positioned differently than when you walk barefoot or in other traditional shoes. To get used to elevator shoes, experts recommend starting with 2-inch shoes; after that, you can upgrade to higher versions over time.

What are Platform Shoes?

Platform shoes have four-inch-high heels that appear to be thick. The shoe’s heel is lifted higher than the ball of the foot. Most platform shoe soles are made of cork, plastic, and rubber. Platform shoes were once a huge favorite among men’s footwear, and they are still popular today. Such shoes give you an extra inch of height and boost your appearance.

Elevator Shoes vs. Platform Shoes

Platform and elevator shoes are both height-increasing shoes, although they are not the same. Here are some differences you should consider when buying them.

Platform shoes are large and flat with a raised heel. Elevator shoes are durable and fashionable height-increasing shoes, comfortable, and lightweight to avoid any discomfort despite constant usage.

Platform shoes are no longer as popular as they once were, yet a small percentage of people still wear them. The popularity of elevator shoes, on the other hand, is constantly increasing among both men and women.

Platform shoes have visible and dense soles that increase the wearer’s height. On the other hand, elevator shoes contain a built-in height-increasing insole that is hidden beneath the shoe’s surface and adds a couple of inches to your height and makes you look taller so you can gain self-confidence and avoid all sorts of worries about being an average height person.

Some men want to buy height-increasing shoes, but at the same time, they don’t want others to notice they’re wearing heels. Elevator shoes are the best option in these situations. These height-increasing shoes can strongly impact your posture, and it may take some time to adjust.

Why are Elevator Shoes Popular among Men?

Elevator shoes have become the trendsetter for their durability and cool color tones. However, they serve more than this purpose. The top three reasons why men prefer elevator shoes are presented here.


Elevator shoes give men the look of being taller without revealing that they are wearing heels. Another key factor for buying them is the comfort of these shoes. To ensure that their customers do not experience pain or discomfort while walking in elevator shoes, the manufacturers and dealers use soft cushions in their shoes.

Stylish & Trendy

Who doesn’t want to go with the latest fashion trends? Elevator shoes are fashionable footwear that gives your individuality a forceful presence and allows you to create a bold style statement. They come in various elegant and contemporary styles that perfectly complement your wardrobe.

Fit For All Occasions

Whether you’re looking for an elevator shoe for a wedding, a party, a formal meeting, hiking, or a trip to the beach, the best manufacturers and dealers will satisfy your needs with their designed shoes. You don’t have to sacrifice your flair to appear taller.

Wrapping it Up

Although both elevator shoes and platform shoes make you look taller, they are vastly different. Choose an elevator shoe to make yourself look significantly more elevated without revealing your elevator shoes (5 inches). An additional advantage is that elevator shoes can improve posture.


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