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Schizophrenia in Ecuador: Surgery Treatments

Most times, taking medications could be all that is needed for schizophrenia illness. However, there are times when the case gets severe. And the surgical operation is all that is left on the table.

It’s often rare to see victims of this illness opt for surgical operations on their own accord. But, if it’s going to ease them of the discomfort they feel, then why not. Not all surgical procedures are for individuals with schizophrenia.

In this article, we will be taking a look at what surgical operations are meant for schizophrenia patients. And also, the chances of undergoing these operations in Ecuador.

Schizophrenia Surgery

For patients living with schizophrenia, medicine is usually your go-to. However, if the medications can no longer control the symptoms, then the surgery could be your next option. The one surgery done for schizophrenia patients is the Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)

The DBS is quite new. It uses electric pulses to enable your brain part to communicate better. When a patient receives the DBS treatment, the wires and electrodes and places in the brain. These electrodes and wires are connected to other devices that are sent under the skin to the chest to get signals.

What Happens in the Surgical Room?

In undergoing this surgery for DBS, two surgeries are carried out. The first is to place the electrodes and secondly to place the device that controls them.

Here is a step-by-step process of what goes on in the operating room.

    First, the patient’s head is placed in a frame to keep it fixed.

    An MRI is obtained. The MRI is a machine that uses powerful magnets and radio waves to get a detailed image of the brain. With these MRIs, your doctor knows where to place the electrode.

    A small hole is drilled into the skull by the surgeon and that puts a tiny wire with electrodes into a specific area of the brain. Meanwhile, before these procedures, a medicine is given to the patient so they feel anything.

    During these procedures, the patient is awake so they can communicate with the surgeon. You’re often asked to move your arm or leg. With your response, the surgeon can be sure the electrodes are in the right spot.

At this point, the first surgery is over and the second which is to fix the control device goes on immediately. In the course of the surgery, the patient is numbed so as not to feel pain.

After that, the device is placed under the skin through the collarbone. The connections will happen under the skin with the wires from the electrodes.

What Happens After Surgery?

When the surgery is over, the device is turned on. This is usually done a few weeks later. The patients go back to the doctor so that the device can be turned on for a good amount of electric stimulation to the brain.

Programming this device usually takes a while. This is just so that the doctor can be sure your symptoms are getting better. However, a remote will be given to you to turn on and off the device and check its battery power.

Schizophrenia Surgery Ecuador

Treating schizophrenia illness will cost an average of $25,940 per year per patient. However, wherever you decide to receive surgery as a schizophrenia patient is up to you. Although, healthcare in Ecuador has a very standard system. Still, if you intend to undergo surgery, there are a few things to look out for. Some of them are:

Before performing any surgical operations in any hospital in Ecuador, you should endeavor to go with a specialist. This way you are certain you are in safe hands.

A specialist is a medical practitioner that focuses on one thing and has gained enough experience over the years regarding that field. It is very possible to hear from a specialist in schizophrenia surgeries in Ecuador.

Be sure you have carried out a proper diagnosis before coming for any surgical procedure. Although most hospitals prefer to run their diagnosis themselves even if you have one already. This will help them be certain that you do need an operation.

How do I mean? For schizophrenia patients having a little faith in your surgeon will go a great deal for you. It might also help in your recovery stage. There are well-equipped surgeons in Ecuador that are willing to give you the very best of care that you will possibly need. 

Schizophrenia surgeries often take weeks to recover to a great extent. Hospitals in Ecuador are willing to give you the very best of their services and watch you recover.


If surgical operations will be your bailout with schizophrenia, then by all means. Having this surgery in Ecuador has a high possibility of success rate. This is a result of the good health care in Ecuador. Remember, the goal is to get your health and life back.



Team of construction workers discussing project details with executive supervisor holding blueprints and digital tablet. Team of architects and civil engineers inspecting construction site. Structural african engineer and architect with work vests discuss the construction process.


The protection and welfare of employees should be a top priority for company owners and managers. This will not only ensure the proper care of staff, but it can also reduce any possible liabilities in the event of an emergency. One of the most effective ways to do this is to include health & safety awareness training. This will provide staff with the additional advantages of learning what to do and how to respond in the event of an emergency. Also, provide everyone with the assurance that they will be able to address any problem in and out of the workplace. Employees would sleep happier in general, resulting in a more productive work environment.


The Necessity Of Health And Safety Awareness Training

Incidents and diseases cost companies around the world thousands of dollars per year. Employers usually get workplace safety training in two ways to help avoid these problems. The first is to provide full or partial preparation for all staff to learn as much as they can about health and safety. Second, some employers will give instruction only to key employees to ensure everyone has the resources they need to a secure workplace. Either approach achieves the goal of lowering the risk of injury and sickness.


Employees can learn what to do in an emergency, how to care for someone who needs help, and how to avoid illness. This is advantageous to both the business and the employee. The workplace gains from lowering the costs associated with work absences due to sickness. It can also help to avoid workplace injuries. Employees will benefit from improved health and safety.


Available courses

There are several different kinds of health &safety awareness training courses online. For those who want comprehensive programs of potential problems, there are all-inclusive courses available. Then there are several tailored courses that are intended to educate on very particular topics. Some of these courses include:

  • Fire safety
  • First-air safety
  • Illness preventions
  • Disaster management
  • Risk assessments and more


The aim of these courses is to understand what risks can exist in the workplace and what can be done to prevent or minimize the possibility of a crisis. Team leaders can be in charge of maintaining the safety of the community, and employers must learn what they can do to stay safe and secure.


There are direct advantages to these courses with the possibility of a decline in sickness and injury. Employees would feel better and more comfortable as a result of workplace safety training. Employers who access these courses will feel that they are doing everything possible to protect their health and welfare. Companies may be likely to spend less revenue per year because of this, and it will help to reduce risk.


One of the simplest and most straightforward ways to keep the workers safe and stable is to provide them with health & safety awareness training. Organizations that provide these courses are health and safety experts that will provide you with additional tips and suggestions.


Implementation Of Safety Programs

Choose appropriate topics for the safety programs. Your topics should be based on the essence of the company and the work functions of your staff. For example, outdoor and construction workers need construction and protection training. On the other hand, first aid awareness is also applicable in all kinds of workplaces. Electrical protection, occupational issues, and respiratory disease screening are other safety exercise courses you can get. You can choose from various online courses available for your type of workplace from renowned institutes that provide certification.


Accessing Workplace Health And Safety Programs

Conduct safety and protection awareness sessions regularly in your organization. You will guarantee workplace safety if you have ongoing safety training. Train employees regularly to ensure that no one neglects his or her job duties. Regular warnings will highlight the issues involved. The more workers are mindful of the risks involved, the more diligent they will be in adhering to safety protocols.


Look for a company that offers workplace safety training to ensure you can better inform and train your staff. This will assist you in avoiding errors, including misinforming workers. Furthermore, training suppliers have specialists who can train employees in many areas. You can save time and money by having industry-trained lecturers or trainers. Confirm the expenses and time of the trainings with the training institute. Ensure that you find a reputable firm with enormous certifications and reasonable prices.



How To Buy The Best Scalloped Edge Cake Board Online?

Scalloped Rectangular Cake Boards

So you intend to buy the best-scalloped edge cake board online. Tired of rummaging through the various vendors, looking for the perfect cake board? At least, you will have access to plenty of options. For once, you will also enjoy the freedom, and what more- the items will be shipped to your address. In a way, you are going to save a lot of money and effort.

There are other benefits as well, and under the circumstances, it all comes down to having the best board. Made out of FDA-approved materials, these cake boards can be recycled, just like milk jars and bottles. In fact, you will never have much of any trouble, as far as cleaning them. These are moisture and greaseproof, and it does not leave any after taste on the finished product.

If you do want to use the cake boards for display or to transport the cakes, there is no need to have any second thoughts. Your cake will be fine, and this makes a huge difference in the long run.

Why Buy Scalloped Edge Cake Boards Online? 

When it comes to the presentation of cakes, scalloped edge cake boards are considered the best. Apart from offering rigidity, they are ideal to be used for decorating the cake and are easy to stack and store. What you do need is reliability, and if you are making an effort to buy the best, it is bound to make things more viable.

Since they do come in various shapes and sizes, all you have to do is to pick the right item. Other than adding finesse to the overall cake design, the boards also do present the stability you seek.

At the end of the day, the presentation does matter a lot. Having put long hours into creating something with all your heart, you will never want to face any major setback. Hence you buy scalloped rectangular cake boards online. The boards can be bought at a competitive price, and there are additional discounts and offers. In the end, you do get to save a lot.

What You Get? 

From a buyer’s perspective, your key concern is mainly with quality and consistency. On that front, you aren’t required to worry much. In the larger scheme of things, the presentation of the cakes is what matters the most. Now, this is one area where you don’t necessarily want to make any compromises!

Things to Consider Before Buying A Floating Docks for Small Lakes


Whatever be the season, you can always enjoy better your on-the-water experience with a dock. Mostly, summers are the best fit for enjoying the water sports if you own a dock. But have you installed one yet, or are you still figuring whether you should do it or not? Are you confused about how you will find your best fit? Well, it is not a big deal.

Whether you are buying your first ever dock or replacing your current with a new one, consider several things before installing your new dock. When thinking about acquiring a dock system, you might worry about the prices, material quality, dock reliability, and safety.

But relax. To make things easier for you and driving your mind out of any confusion you might face, we have described all the major concerns, issues, and measures below. First, let’s start with the types of docks.

What are the types of docks you can choose from?

Before investing your precious money in any dock project, you need to decide on the dock type. First, there are mainly two categories, either be stationary or floating. Both docks types are fair on their terms, but their reliability and advantages must suit your needs and preferences.

How to Select the Best Dock System Suitable for Your Property?

Before installing the dock, you need to review your space’s characteristics and dimensions. If you only have a small area available, you should go for stationary systems. Otherwise, you can get a variety of Floating docks for small lakes and ponds.

Furthermore, for installing docks, you have to look for your property’s specifications as well so that the selected port will suit your environment. You will need to consider:

  • The surroundings of the place where to install
  • The type of water shore you have
  • Nature and texture of ground area near shore
  • Protection from wind and wave exposures
  • Exposition of dock site regarding water level variances
  • Water depth at the beginning and the end of the dock

Moreover, it would help if you also pondered what you wish to do and enjoy the most. Like with having a quality dock, you can go for rowing, rafting, swimming, or some other water activity.

Therefore, you need to choose docks accordingly to your requirements by searching for their unique specifications. For rowing or rafting purposes in the rivers or lakes bearing weak currents, the floating docks available in Texas are the best options.

Compare the Available Options Matching Your Property Ambiance

Once you have a good grip on your property’s environment, accommodations, and requirements, and you have searched for all the suitable options, you need to compare them further.

Comparing the various options available is always crucial in any buying process. If you want to buy a quality system, you will have to search out the docks’ pros and cons for better judgment. You can compare the material, design, structure, length, width, durability, etc.

There are varieties of choices available. So, compare each aspect thoroughly and then select from stable or Floating docks for small lakes, rivers, beaches, etc., accordingly.

How to Proceed with your Preferred Dock System’s Shopping and Installation Process?

After selecting the best dock system matching your primary requirements, you will have to proceed with the buying process further. For progressing your installation, you will need to obtain legit information from the concerned municipal, provincial, and federal authorities.

Once you collect all legal information, you will have to determine the permits needed to install your dock. When you get the licenses, your dock project is ready to install.

You can now contact the right provider with proven expertise, make them project your dock, discuss any special characteristics and accessories and plan for the installation.

Now, since you have completed all the requirements, your dock is ready for your service.

Buy Organic and Alcohol-Free Perfumes


It’s like an invisible scented slogan that reflects your personality, a perfume is something of a golden bliss and image. If you get recognized by your scent, there can be no higher compliment. Perfumes are mood and confidence boosters, and some of them have aphrodisiac ingredients that incite emotional reactions. It is, therefore, imperative that you choose your scent with careful consideration. Organic and naturally manufactured products are desired and coveted in this day and age, and so we come to the matter of natural perfumes

If you want to steer clear of famous perfume brands that might contain petrochemicals and hydroxyl compounds, then healthy alternatives are available. You can always choose from alcohol-free brands that don’t have any traces of acetate, petrochemicals, solvents, or alcohol.

Non-alcoholic perfume: Alcohol is one of the main ingredients in perfume. Its purpose is to make the fragrance stronger. Usual fragrances are a blend of alcohol and essential oils. The concentration of essential oils in strong perfume is 15-20% while in a less-powerful one, it is 5-8%.

Alcohol-free perfume, therefore, is one that is made up of essential oils only. Are you searching for Halal perfume brands for men? Head over to Halal Perfumes Brands: Top 10 Islamic Perfumes for Men

Benefits of Using Alcohol-Free Perfumes:

Alcohol-free perfumes offer several compelling advantages over alcoholic perfumes:

  • They last longer because they don’t have alcohol which tends to evaporate.
  • They are suitable for sensitive skin because of the higher essential oil concentration.
  • They aren’t expensive compared with alcohol-based fragrances.
  • These scents are non-inflammable.
  • They act like skincare and can be used without risk of irritation. Furthermore, people who are allergic to ordinary perfumes can use alcohol-free fragrances.

Let us observe the differences between alcoholic and non-alcoholic perfumes

Perfumes with alcohol have a lot of synthetic chemicals. These get absorbed into your skin and have been known to cause allergies, toxicity to the skin, cancer, and reproductive issues. Non-alcoholic perfumes, on the other hand, have no such dangers.

In increased temperature, alcoholic perfumes don’t last long because the alcohol evaporates. Non-alcoholic perfumes last up to 15 hours, the high temperature tends to strengthen the scented oils.

Alcohol-based perfumes have an overpowering smell which often causes headaches and disorientation. Furthermore, the scents are mostly artificial. Alcohol-free perfumes have rich, clear, and clean aromas.

Alcoholic perfumes are highly flammable while non-alcoholic perfumes are non-flammable.

Perfumes with alcohol cause the skin to dry out because they remove all the natural skin oil. On the other hand, non-alcoholic perfumes are suitable for dry skin in particular and all skin types in general because the essential oils get absorbed and keep the skin moisturized.

Organic and non-alcoholic perfumes for men are all over the world wide web. You can choose from the various types of organic and non-alcoholic perfumes on organic skincare outlets. A quality organic skincare brand is Saij natural organic.

There are options when you are in the shop for organic non-alcohol perfume. You should consider “Salt Eau De parfum”, “made”, “midnight toler” and “vanilla woods.” All these free organic perfume samples are quality organic sample options for you, especially if you are new to the world of organic perfumes. The “Salt Eau de parfum” and the “vanilla woods” are top scent vintage organic perfumes. They have this unique scent and flavor that is not found in just any organic perfume. You can spray and still have the scent lasting on your outfit for three days; that’s quite long-lasting. You are amazed right!!! All these nice qualities for non-alcoholic perfumes. Yes, organic non-alcoholic perfumes have unique and enticing scents that would endear to you and others alike.

All you have to do is to check out quality organic skincare outlets like said natural organic to stay up to fate with the release of new organic perfumes. Always remember, you must prioritize long-lasting and organic perfumes to achieve a unique scent and avoid damaging scar effects. Any day any time, organic perfumes are the best.

The Comprehensive Guide ToSpilanthesAcmella:


Spilanthes Acmella is a medical plant indigenous to tropical and subtropical countries like India and South America. Acmella belongs to the Asteraceae. Traditionally, this herb is used for treating toothache, malaria, throat complaints, dysentery, and soreness. Spilanthes species have various names like Acmella Oleracea, Paracress, Sichuan buttons, Jambu, and Tshishengelaphofu.

The perennial herb Spilanthes Acmella has innumerable branched steams. Its leaves are pinnate and smooth with deeply cut parts, while the steams are thick and hollow, and grow along with the ground and then turning upwards. Each Spilanthes steam has a flower 2.5 to 3.5 cm wide in which ray flowers are whitely tingled with purple beneath. However, the disc flowers are yellow. Spilanthes roots are cylindrical, appear white and have hairy rootlets, and have 10 to 15 cm in length. The external surface is rough brown, while its bark is up to 3mm thick. Spilanthes belong to the Compositae family and its root is used for medical purposes.  Spilanthes Acmella Benefits you in different ways that we will explore in this comprehensive guide.

Below are the benefits of Spilanthes Acmella;

  • Loaded with antimicrobial properties– Spilanthes have antibacterial effects against Bacillus subtilis, Eikenella corrodens, Enterococcus faecalis, Escherichia coli, Lactobacillus paracasei, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, MRSA, etc.
  • Increase water intake and urine output– Spilanthes acts on kidneys and increase urine excretion. Likewise, it also helps in water intake. It can also increase saliva output.
  • Enhance oral health– Spilanthes can also protect the microbiome in the mouth which can be caused by bacteria and fungi. It is considered great when reducing oral candida and oral pain.
  • Combats pain– Spilanthes extract is used to create strong anesthetics against the pain. It combats pain by acting on serotoninergic, opiodergic, and GABAergic systems.
  • Deals with the dry mouth– if your saliva glands do not produce enough saliva, you have a dry mouth problem. A dry mouth can lead to cracked lips and bad breath. Spilanthes toothpicks can stimulate your salivary glands. In many parts of the world, the flower is used for treating the dry mouth issue. However, you have the option to use Spilanthes toothpicks instead of using the flower extract of this herb.
  • Improves lung function– Spilanthes herb also combats with fungi that lead to cough and sore throats. Likewise, it reduces inflammation in the lungs by suppressing ICAM-1 expression and COX. Spilanthes can also increase antioxidants levels by activating NRF2.
  • Anxiety and depression– Spilanthes also act as an anti-depressant and alleviate depression and improve the mood. Likewise, it acts as an anxiolytic and sedative that gives relief from anxiety and promotes sleep. Moreover, Spilanthes herbs work as a nerve pain medication that helps to get rid of pain caused by damaged nerves.
  • Improves digestion– This herb also works as an acid blocker and antacid that neutralizes excess stomach acid to relieve heartburn. Likewise, it also helps to improve the appetite and relieve stomach pain.
  • Rheumatic joints– Spilanthes also work as an immunosuppressive that alleviates inflammation and reduces the immune response. The patients start feeling relief in a very short period of time by using the Spilanthes herb.
  • Toothache and various dental issues– This herb is very effective in dental conditions and helps to reduce pain and inflammation. It also kills the bacteria that are responsible for damaging the tooth and prevent tooth decay. Most importantly, it also works as an antibiotic in case the infection spreads in the teeth.

Spilanthes herb is available in various forms that include tablet, powder, and decoction. Likewise, you can also enjoy the benefits of the Spilanthes herb through the toothpicks.

Like Spilanthes toothpicks, there are several flavored toothpicks available for the users. As Spilanthes has amazing dental benefits, nothing can be better than using the Spilanthes toothpicks. Not just it helps to relieve toothache, but it also keeps your mouth hydrated. Spilanthes toothpicks give your mouth a signature tingle. Most importantly, the natural flavor of Spilanthes freshen your breath and kills the bacteria that cause bad breath. Even it is also used to reduce plague. You can also find toothpicks in lemon-lime, tropical mint, cinnamon, and many more.


Known for its anesthetic and inflammatory properties Spilanthes herb is also used in foods in some parts of the world. However, you don’t need to include Spilanthes herb in the food Spilanthes toothpick is easily available for you. Spilanthes Toothpick is the easiest way to treat dental problems and achieve other benefits of this herb. The best part is Spilanthes Toothpicks is the best toothpick for quitting smoking.

Why businesses file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

Suppose you own or operate a business and find that it is collapsing under the weight of its financial obligations. In that case, you may consider Chapter 11 bankruptcy to help your business deal with debt.

One significant benefit of Chapter 11 bankruptcy is that the business will continue to operate and will come out the other side of bankruptcy in a much better financial position, maybe, as a more profitable and financially stable venture.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy also allows a business to resolve all of its liabilities and debts at once. With chapter 11, a business can often secure more favorable terms by negotiating with creditors in the bankruptcy court rather than negotiating with each creditor.

Moreover, a bankruptcy court’s decisions, including the reorganization plan’s approval, are binding on all of a debtor business’s creditors even if a creditor disagrees with or does not like the decision. However, chapter 11 bankruptcy procedure requires a lot of work and legal knowledge, and you may need the assistance of an attorney.

If you are looking for a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyer in California, Financial Relief Legal Advocates, Inc., and its attorney, John Bauer, will be happy to help you with necessary guidance.

If you own or operate a business struggling with financial problems that seem impossible, you should understand the benefits of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Below are four major benefits of chapter 11 if you are considering it:

  1. Keeping business activities running during the bankruptcy process

Unlike Chapter 7, which results in the shut-down of a business’s operations and the liquidation of its assets to generate cash to pay off the business’s creditors, a business in Chapter 11 bankruptcy will continue running, albeit with court oversight for a while. When you have worked hard to build a business, you indeed don’t want to close it down due to financial liabilities.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows you to continue your business operations during the bankruptcy process, so you don’t lose your business and goodwill and customer base. Your Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyer will help you prepare a plan with maximum chances of approval, and your business can stay open based on this.

  1. Automatic stay of all creditor actions

Among the most significant benefits of bankruptcy includes the automatic stay of creditor actions to collect a debt, including contacting your business to demand payment of a debt, seizing secured assets, or filing lawsuits to obtain money judgments for unpaid debts. It would be great if you have a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyer by your side to guide you through the circumstances.

The automatic bankruptcy stay enjoins all repossessions, foreclosures, lawsuits, liens, levies, and other debt-collection activities. Suppose a creditor continues debt collection activities after your business has filed for bankruptcy without first obtaining relief from the bankruptcy court’s automatic stay. In that case, any actions they take can be voided by the bankruptcy court, and the creditors could face fines and penalties.

  1. Emergency relief for operations

Within a few days of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, the bankruptcy court will schedule an expedited hearing to hear emergency motions relating to the business and its bankruptcy. This hearing represents an opportunity for the business to ask the court for the authority to undertake certain actions to continue the normal course of the business’s operations. For instance, continuing to pay wages and benefits to employees, filing and paying taxes, or meeting certain contractual obligations like rent, insurance premiums, or vendor invoices.

A company in Chapter 11 bankruptcy can obtain emergency relief to continue regular operations, giving employees, vendors, and customers’ peace of mind that the bankruptcy will not severely disrupt the business’s operations. It is especially important for small business owners who operate on a month-by-month basis.

  1. Possibility of obtaining loan at favorable rates

In addition to obtaining emergency authorization to continue regular business operations like paying employees or taxes, a business can seek emergency authorization for financing to help fund the business’s regular, ongoing expenses like payroll or supplies.

As a result, businesses may obtain badly needed financing to continue regular operations at more favorable rates than they would have immediately before bankruptcy.

Final thoughts

Now that you know all the benefits of chapter 11 bankruptcy, you may want to consider it. To hire an experienced and skilled Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyer in California, contact Financial Relief Legal Advocates, Inc., and its attorney, John Bauer.

We can also help you recover surplus funds foreclosure in orange county, California. To receive a free half-hour consultation, contact us immediately for legal assistance.

The Nine Best Grocery Stores in America


There are thousands of organic grocery store chains and supermarkets in America, meaning there is a cut-throat competition between the grocers. It is a great time to rank the top seven grocery store chains in the country with the competitive grocery markets.

• Walmart Inc- The Company has registered grocery sales of $288 billion from the 4253 stores. Walmart is the biggest grocer by revenue and the largest employer with 2.2 million associates. The company sells groceries and general merchandise, operating more than 5,400 stores in the country. Likewise, Walmart is a global supply chain leader with a presence in 28 countries.

• Kroger- Kroger is the second most popular retail company in the country. Bernard Kroger founded it in 1883 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kroger is the larger supermarket by revenue and the second-largest general retailer. Likewise, it is the fourth-largest American-owned private company in the United States. Kroger ranks 23 on the fortune 500 largest American countries by total revenue. Kroger operates nearly 2800 stores in 35 states with annual sales of more than 121.1 billion.

• Albertsons Companies, Inc- It is the second-largest supermarket chain in North America. Founded by Joe Albertson, Albertsons is headquartered in Boise, Idaho. Albertsons ranked 54 in the 500 fortune list of the biggest United States corporations by total revenue.

• Koninklijke Ahold Delhaize N.V- It is popular as Ahold Delhaize that is a Dutch grocery company, operating supermarkets, hypermarkets, online grocery, and convenience stores. At the beginning of 2020, the company partnered with Instacart to provide grocery home delivery from the 750 stores. The company has expanded its business to acquire a majority stake in FreshDirect, a well-known online grocer.

• Publix- It is the largest employee-owned supermarket chain in the country, with a reported sale of $36.1 Billion in 2018. George W. Jenkins founded Publix in 1930. The company has over 1,200 stores in seven states, including Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia. Florida alone has 799 stores. Many experts believe that Publix is the best supermarket for many reasons, including the free cookies given to children at the in-store Publix Bakery.

• H-E-B Grocery Company- It is the American’s privately owned supermarket chain based in San Antonio, Taxes, with more than 340 stores throughout the USA. The company also operates the Central Market stores that compete with the Whole Foods Market owned by Amazon. Florence Butt founded H-E-B Grocery Company in 1995. The company registered revenue of $22 billion from over 340 stores in Taxes.

• Meijer Inc- Headquartered in Walker, Michigan, Meijer Inc is founded by Hendrik Meijer in 1934. The company’s 253 stores are located alone in Michigan, and the other half are located in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Meijer was ranked 19 on the Forbes magazine in 2015 in the list of America’s largest private companies. By revenue, Meijer is the 26th largest retailer in the country.

• Trader Joe’s- The Company has its store in 41 stores and has a very loyal customer base. In order to keep the prices low, the company curates Trader Joe’s branded products as it does not offer any coupons, promotions, discounts, or sales. Some products are brought at a limited supply and sold for a very short time, while the other products have sold all the time.

• Whole Foods Market- It is a well-known company that offers high-quality organic food products. The company mentions all restricted ingredients on the products. Whole Foods Market is known for stocking organic products from local as well as global suppliers. The company only sells products that meet the quality standards and prohibited more than 100 preservatives, colors, flavors, and other ingredients. Interestingly, Whole Foods Market became the first company that removed the use of plastic bags at checkout. Alongside, the company has a comprehensive waste food strategy to divert wasted food from landfills. After being acquired by Amazon, Whole Foods Market started to offer additional discounts to Amazon prime members and ensure faster delivery for Prime users.

Final words

The grocery delivery companies frequently update their supply chain management system to improve the buying experience and reduce the last-mile delivery costs. On the other hand, Walmart has tested the use of dogs for grocery delivery. For this, the company has trained selected breeds of dogs. But, the well-known business analyst is convinced with this approach used by Walmart. He believes that the company should implement the micro-fulfillment and Robomart to improve the supply chain system and buying experience of the customers like Amazon that is popular for Amazon supply chain model across the globe.

14 Vs16 Inches Scalloped Edge Cake Board?

The ability to customize cake boards into different shapes or designs is one thing that makes them unique. Due to their plastic construction, it is easy to cut into suitable designs that will hold decorated cakes. Therefore, it is easy to say that they exist in various forms, and a baker only decides what to use.

Scalloped Edge Cake Board is one of the best designs that can be achieved. “Scalloped Edges” means the various edges at every side of the board are curvy in shape. It is a decorative element that adds style to the board and cake, ultimately. However, different sizes of this particular board type exist – 8-, 10-, 14 inches scalloped edge cake board or higher. Freshboards is where you could find most of them.

How to Determine What to Use?

The most popular Scalloped Edge Boards are between the 14- and 16-Inches size. They are similar in every respect; however, there are a few things that differentiate them. Getting Freshboards’ 14 Inches Scalloped Edge Cake Board instead of a 16 Inches board or vice-versa means you’ll consider the following factors.


Every cake board comes with a color that improves the appearance of the board and cake. The boards are available in White and Black colors for both 14 inches and 16 inches. Your choice of color, however, depends on the decorations on the cake and the blend.


Even as cake boards provide optimum support for a cake either alone or in its layers, they are sometimes not exposed. Often, they come with a case that provides adequate protection against different external factors, such as moisture, high temperatures, etc.


A board’s thickness is responsible for the support. When going for either scalloped edge cake board types, ensure you check the thickness (in mm) to make sure it can handle the load that would be on it. Both cake boards have 5mm thickness, which is good enough to hold small cupcakes, muffins, and even pastries.


Ideally, a cake board shouldn’t be too heavy, so it doesn’t add to the cake’s weight, thereby limiting movement. The board’s density should be moderate. For both scalloped edge cake boards, the density sits at 850; it wouldn’t be much stress moving the entire cake and the board from one location to another.

How to Maintain either 14 or 16 Inches Scalloped Edge Cake Board?

If you are using 14 inches scalloped edge cake board or the 16 inches type, maintenance is one thing you should take seriously. It is significant so that the board’s shelf life can be at its best. All you have to do is ensure that they are wiped clean with a damp cloth before using them.

Freshboards is a great place you’d get 14 or 16 inches scalloped edge cake board. You won’t have to worry about anything because their boards are incredible and efficient in several ways.

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