Chub Smoker In Oklahoma

Are you looking for a custom-built smoke cooker? You have decided to buy the right thing as bbq smokers have grown extremely popular recently, mainly because of the smokey flavor they add to meat. You can easily find a custom bbq smoker for sale in Texas and any other place.

But buying a smoker, you need to know the essential things about them. Find the points below:


A smoke cooker must have two prominent compartments. The first generates heat and smoke to the perfect temperatures, while the second one cooks food in an environment controlled by temperature. The smoker should also have a robust frame that can easily hold meat, wooden chips, and containers.

A sheet metal store may help you cut and roll metal to your preferred size for main barrels. You can also use a food-graded steel barrel and other components made of non-galvanized steel. There is a lot of engineering to be sure that you have proper flow and efficiency for a smoker to work correctly. Unless you really like fabrication we would recommend that you stick with a professional built smoker. Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas have professional manufacturers.

A chub model smoker or a Deluxe chub model is a nice size if you prefer to start smaller with a patio model smoker. If you want your smoker to be non-portable, you need to spend money to customize them. You can create a temporary hog cooker out of specific tin roofing and sand-filled cinder blocks to build something quickly.

Source of Heat

For smoke cooking in the home, an old propane tank has been a mainly used heat source. They contain flammable elements, which are highly risky. You need to fill the tank with water before you cut and weld it.

When you use a limited heat source, you don’t tend to adjust heat and control fire. Wooden pieces add the smoke, while coals and ash adds heat to the smoke cooker.


One of the most crucial things you need to check when buying a custom bbq smoker for sale in Texas or any place is airflow. The connection between the firebox and the main chamber passes heat and smoke from fire to the food chamber.

Smokestacks vent eradicates smoke from the cooking chamber, which significantly benefits as extra smoke build-up deteriorates your barbeque. Convection attracts more air than fire in an active smoker. The smoky and heated air increases inside the cooking chamber and bents via the intake vents.

Pipes and vents ease airflow, so heat travels and food gets cooked. When smoke moves constantly, it doesn’t build up and causes an unpleasant food taste. Cresote that builds up will make the food taste bitter.

Temperature Control

Use an adjustable heat source of vents to control airflow and temperature. This method requires more work but will give you the best bbq product.

You can use a simple-designed electric trash can smoker. But an electric hot plate adds heat, and wood chunks inside a pan on the hot plate add smoke. The hot plate’s temperature control helps to heat the cooking chamber directly.

Durable Smoker Material

The material used in building a chub smoker in Oklahoma and any other place must be durable to tolerate temperature fluctuations. Steel, brick, and stone can be great choices as such materials.

When customizing a smoke cooker, you need to think about portability. Do you want to store your smoker in a shed or garage? Brick may not be the right choice as you won’t be able to move it yourself.

Consider the amount of meat you and your family can have in a few days. It would help if you did not build a massive smoker that you can’t keep in your yard and meet your precise requirements.

The Bottom Line

As you have already decided to buy a custom bbq smoker, this post must have helped you learn the essential relevant things. When buying them, consider heat sources, materials, compartments, air, flow, and temperature controller. The best thing about customization is that you can build it the way you want.

Make sure you choose a durable material that can withstand high temperatures. It should be able to tolerate heat repeatedly and not contain parts that emit fumes or break down. You can go for metal, brick, and stone; otherwise, things may get tough for you. Thus, do proper planning and experimentation when investing in custom-built smoke cookers.




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