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The word “cardboard” is derived from the Italian word “cartone” which means- hard, rigid. Cardboard is used in the production of containers, construction, printing, machine and instrument engineering, chemical, light, and food industries, etc.  The beginning of the use of cardboard was laid in the XVI century. Cardboard was used for printing production. Now cardboard packaging is the most common packaging for many types of products. Kohmann window patch is used for this purpose. It helps to pack a wide range of materials. Packed goods and products remain safe from external damaging factors. So, they reach customers in their original form.

A Brief Introduction To Cardboard Finishing

The possibility of cheaper finishing of cardboard is an advantage of this material. Glass, wood, and plastic are more expensive in this regard. There are two main ways to finish cardboard: mechanical and chemical.

Mechanical Finishing The mechanical finishing method includes several operations: calendering, creping, reinforcement, lamination, embossing, and several others. The main advantage of the mechanical finishing method is to improve the mechanical properties of cardboard at a lower cost compared to other types of packaging. A window patch machine can help you perform all these tasks efficiently and quickly without compromising the work quality. It comes with exclusive features and functionalities.
Chemical processing of cardboard In chemical processing, the cardboard is printed. The printing is carried out by flexography or offset method. Chemical finishing also includes covering the cardboard with synthetic films and varnishing.

Advantages of cardboard

Among alternative packaging materials such as wood, metal, leather, and fabric, the cardboard comes out on top due to several advantages: reasonable price, inexpensive raw materials, the possibility of obtaining a material with pre-set physical and mechanical properties, as well as maximum automation of production. Due to the rigid base in cardboard packages, you can safely transport goods with confidence that the valuable cargo will not break or deform. The advantages of cardboard are primarily determined by the type of packaging that is made from it. Some significant advantages are:

  • Low cost of packing,
  • Environmentally friendly,
  • Safety for human health,
  • High-performance shock absorption and impact resistance,
  • High strength, resistance to abrasion, creasing, and folding activity,
  • Attractive commercial appearance,
  • Low-cost production that does not require a lot of labor and
  • Easy Labelling (for product marketing and advertising).

Corrugated Cardboard Packaging

Corrugated cardboard is multi-layer corrugated cardboard with a thickness of 3-3. 5 mm. The corrugated container made from it is used as packaging for many products. These include food, cosmetics, medical products, industrial units, and various household appliances. A corrugated box is the most common and everyday type of cardboard packaging. A Kohmann window patch machine for corrugated cardboard packaging will provide you excellent results.

Food Packaging

As you know, cardboard is the most environmentally friendly and harmless material for health. It meets the high requirements of state standards governing food storage rules. The strength and lightness of cardboard food packaging guarantee protection from external mechanical influences, convenience in storage, transportation, and use. A variety of configurations and sizes of cardboard packages allow customers to choose to pack for every taste.

Cardboard Gift Wrapping

Gift packaging should have a high quality of preservation and, of course, original design. Cardboard packaging fully meets these requirements. It is lightweight, takes up little space when folded, is quickly assembled and disassembled, and can be printed and embossed on cardboard surfaces. This material has all the characteristics required for gift packaging. The advantages of cardboard used for the production of gift packaging include a variety of finishes and the possibility of applying various ennobling materials at a lower price compared to other types of packaging.




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