800 fill goose-down

Down pillows are famous for their luxurious style and comfort. Their ultra-softness, lightness, fluffiness is enough to turn your room into a heaven. Despite the cost, people love to have them in their bedrooms. No one can match their style and luxury. Down pillows are made from the back, wing, and chest feathers of geese and ducks.

But, do you know the down pillows come with several health benefits? That’s true! Several studies have revealed the incredible health benefits of down pillows. Let’s check them out!

  • Adaptability

The natural softness and flexibility of the down pillows can adjust according to your head and neck. It is beneficial for those who suffer from neck pain. Choosing poor-quality pillows for your bed often leads to uneasiness and unnecessary strain. The high compressibility of the 800 fill goose-down pillow helps provide superior warmth and comfort.

  • Natural Temperature Control

Most of us find our pillows either too cold or warm as per the weather condition. However, down pillows are perfect for adjusting to the room temperature. When you use an 800 fill power down pillow, its natural insulation ensures not to have any cold regions in the winter. It means you can sleep comfortably without the feeling of having a cold pillow on your bed. The material of down pillows is breathable. Thus, it won’t let heat and moisture to stay in the pillow. It helps during the warm summer nights when you can quickly become restless in bed due to overheating.

  • Better Quality

The 800 fill power down pillow might have a slightly higher price than the cheap synthetic pillows. Its premium quality will make sure you don’t need to invest in your pillow for a more extended period. With poorly made synthetic pillows, they’re likely to lose their quality much quicker, meaning you’ll have to purchase another set to get the same level of comfort.

While cheap synthetic pillows lose their fluffiness and comfort after a certain period, meaning you have to invest in another pillow set to get the comfort. However, a down pillow can last for several years with little care. Therefore, it helps in saving your time and investment.

  • Anti-Allergenic Material

Down pillows are made using the natural and healthy down feathers of birds. The down feathers save the birds from allergic reactions. Similarly, the pillow’s down material prevents germs, fungi, and bacteria. It makes down a safer and healthier fill option for the pillows.

Moreover, synthetic pillows often become the breeding ground of the bacterias and germs that cause allergies and infections. Even the cotton material absorbs the moisture and skin moisture and lets the germs breed and grow.

So choosing the 800 fill goose-down pillow is better for your health due to its hypoallergenic qualities.


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