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All You Need To Know About Collars


Most guys believe that men’s shirts, like most good things, come in threes. The everyday work shirt, the dress shirt for all those formal occasions, and, of course, the casual shirt for pretty much everything else.

While adhering to this mentality can allow you to glide through life with relative ease, we believe you are more deserved. You see, shirts are all about the collar. From traditional to round, even the most unassuming Collar Knit Shirt may be completely transformed by your choice of collar.

The Traditional Collar

There’s no reward for guessing that this is the most common collar to be seen on the street or at the workplace. It’s the go-to option for many well-dressed men, and for good reason. This Cotton Ribbed knit collar may be used with any type of men’s suit and is the ultimate safe bet. That’s not to suggest it’s dull. Its basic design lends… well, a classic accent to any ensemble. Is there anything further to say?

The Collar with Buttons Down

Surprisingly, this collar was initially created for polo players who were frustrated by stray collars flying in their faces as they thundered down on goal. Because it is the least formal on our list, it is more of a working man’s staple these days.

As a result, it may be seen on a variety of men’s casual shirts, where it lends a touch of flair to an otherwise basic non-patterned shirt. This collar is ideal for informal wear, but we avoid it for formal occasions.

Cutaway Collar

The points of this collar are often spaced so far apart that they seem to point to the sides or even backwards rather than straight down. The exceptionally broad collar spread is suitable for those who want their ties to be extra wide. However, if you have a round face or bulging neck muscles, this collar will just help to enhance those traits, pulling attention away from the suit you worked so hard to put together.

The Collar on the Wing

If you want to dress ultra-formally, this is the collar to beat all others. From black-tie socials to red carpet events, this is the ultimate in formal dress and the ideal partner for the bow tie and, of course, the dinner jacket. It’s a good idea to keep the wings hidden beneath the bow tie.

The Collar on the Tunic

If you’ve ever been in a wedding party that was dressed in morning dress suits, you’re definitely acquainted with this alternative to the formal wing collar. Historically, these collars were generally removable, but nowadays, we guys prefer a more straightforward approach, with our collars and shirts securely linked to one another. It was formerly a very popular formal shirt and has lately seen a revival as a classy casual alternative.

The Collar with Points

The pointed collar gets its name from its longer and more angled tabs that terminate in the pointiest of points. This collar helps to extend the neck and is ideal for gentlemen who use thin ties and like a slim line appearance. As a result, we don’t suggest this collar design for guys with long faces. We’ll leave it to you to come up with your own long face joke.

The Tiny Collar

A favorite among the office’s nonconformists, or what others may term hipsters. In a perfectly fitted and somewhat formal style, this collar communicates, “Look, I’m screaming against the system.” We like it as an alternative to the standard workplace shirt since it has a more relaxed collar and is ideal for a change of style. But be careful, since it’s actually only ideal for thin cut suits and narrow ties.

The Collar with Pinning

If you want your accessories to have a sparkle factor, the pinned collar provides you the ideal opportunity to add additional flare to your ensemble. This design employs a pin that links both points to hold your collar in place, and although some may mistake it for a variant on the button down, we disagree.

Your choice of pin is what elevates this look to another level. Whether you’re enhancing the appearance with rhinestones or aiming for a more elegant look with plain gold, this is an opportunity to integrate your jewelry preferences into your suit.

The Collar Is Round

This Knit collar, formerly considered an aristocratic affectation, was replicated by all and everyone in an effort to give the wearer the illusion of riches. It served no other use than to be a fashion statement and a social status symbol. Thankfully, those days are long gone, and this is now a fashionable option that will surely get you noticed. Its strength lies in its subtlety, making it an excellent option for any occasion.

Remember, this is not an entire list; there are many wonderful acts of tailoring brilliance that have just missed out on a spot, such as Mr. metal pointed cowboy shirt.


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