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CBD, also known as Cannabidiol is often seen in media, and you can generally see it in advertisements usually of add-in booster to your post workout smoothie or usually mixed in the morning cup of coffee.

Let’s know more about CBD:

What Is CBD In Marijuana, Cannabis, And Hemp?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is found in both the plants- hemp and marijuana.

Among the hundreds of components found in the hemp and marijuana, CBD is the one which doesn’t give a “high” and is known for its medicinal properties.

Is Cannabidiol Legal?

Cannabidiol is a readily obtainable substance sold in most parts of the United States, though its exact legal laws have been in a flux.

All the 50 states of USA has a different degree of laws and regulations related to CBD.

Here are the recent changes that took place in the laws related to CBD:

2015- FDA eased the regulatory which allowed the researchers to conduct CBD trials.

2018-the FARM BILL legalised the hemp in United States, through this it was impossible to keep the CBD illegal.

Note: The Farm Bill removed all-hemp derived products from the Controlled Substance Act, through this they criminalized the possession of this drug.

Through this, it came out that the CBD is legal if it is extracted from hemp but not if it comes from marijuana.

Health Benefits Served By CBD:

CBD has been known for a variety of reasons, it is popular for its medicinal properties. Many researchers have seen that the CBD is helpful in providing relief from many sought of mental health issues.

Fact: Eidiolex is the very first cannabis derived medicine which was approved by the FDA.

The reason behind this is that this natural component was able to reduce the seizures, and in some cases it cured them completely. For example; as per market reports and various studies,

CBD helps in reducing pain, it may work for chronic pain due to its therapeutic properties and medicinal components. An animal study was conducted in which they could see that the CBD could help in lowering down the pain and inflammation caused due to arthritis.

NOTE: Consume CBD only after consulting your doctor, they will examine your body well and will let you know what is best for you!

It is always recommended to consume or use any CBD based products after consulting a doctor!

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