Cannabis has been used for various reasons since antiquity. People from various places in the world can trace their historical use of cannabis from way back in time. At least the official records say that the use of cannabis can be dated to at least more than 3000 years ago.

For instance, many authorities across the world outlawed the use of cannabis products. This was associated with negative regards to cannabis from the public. It was only until recently that many countries, particularly in the west, started legalization the use of cannabis.

With such legalization, users have devised new ways to consume cannabis and related products. There are three major ways to consume these products. One, you can take it orally through the mouth. This category is called edibles, and they vary in size, shape, and even taste. The second category is topicals. These are the products that are applied directly to the skin and include lotions, creams, and salves, among others.

The third category is the smokables and accessories, which include the likes of ghost disposable device. These include products that can be smoked, inhaled, or vaped. In this article, we will talk about smokables generally, with particular specificity on vapes and the vaping device called the ghost disposable device.

 What is a ghost disposable device? 

A ghost disposable device is one of the smoking accessories that you would like to have. It is essentially a disposable vape pen with the incredible utility since it has been designed with a lot of detail to enhance convenience and performance. It has been considered by users to be the latest next-generation disposable vape that fulfils most, if not all, of the vaping needs of users. Being a disposable device, you can only use it up to a certain limit. Beyond this limit, you will have to discard the device and buy another one if you are to continue meeting your vaping needs.

With vaping devices, there are disposable options like the ghost disposable device, but there are also smoking accessories that are not disposable, at least not as fast as the ghost disposable device. These accessories include reusable vapes. Unlike the ghost disposable device, the reusable vapes can be refilled once the oil or e-liquid has been depleted and the maximum number of puffs has been exceeded. The choice between disposable and refillable vapes depends largely on user preferences and not majorly on the pros and cons of each.

How long does one device last?

The duration for using the ghost disposable device depends on various factors. The majority of these factors are not user-related but device-related. On average, a typical ghost disposable device will last about 2000 puffs on a huge pod like a 6 ml pod. You can instantly note that one of the factors that influence how long a disposable vape will last is the amount of e-liquid it can hold. Obviously, the devices that hold a lot of the e-liquid will last longer than those devices that hold fewer amounts of the e-liquid.

Features about ghost disposable devices that you will like 

One thing that you should know about ghost disposable device smoking accessories is that they are available in single packs. This should inform your purchase so that you only get the number of devices that can sustain you throughout a specific period depending on your vaping habits. The manufacturers have designed the disposable ghost device in various flavors that should meet the vaping needs of at least everyone who wants to try vaping. The diversification in flavors is to cater to the disposable nature of the device.  As such, you can purchase several flavors and use them.

What are the advantages? 

One product-specific advantage of ghost disposable devices is that they offer greater flexibility. The simple design and ease of use makes them perfect for consumers. Besides, the affordable prices make things more convenient for the users. Since these are not meant for long term use, the devices boast of a simple design. More importantly, these devices do provide high-quality vaping experience.


Ghost disposable devices are ideal for enhancing your vaping experience. You can explore the various options and get the best smoking accessories for you.


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