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Even though its quarantine and school is online, it does not mean you can’t look great on those Zoom meetings. If you’ve just spent some money on human hair extensions but aren’t sure how to style them, keep reading!

All You Need to Know About Human Hair Extensions

Extensions are a great way to add some length and volume to your hair. They are easy to maintain, and you can treat the hair like your own. Human hair extensions are the best hair option. They’re more natural, easy to style and if taken care of, it can last longer than synthetic hair.

Human hair extensions help you add versatility to your style because they give you the chance to change your style as much as you want. Extensions have been used for a long time in the beauty industry, so they’ve been tried and tested by many buyers.

Extensions can also be used to add some color to your look. If you want something natural you can choose something similar to your hair color, or if you want to rock something a little different you can wear a bold color like an Ombre red.

The best part about ponytail hair extensions is that they can be styled in a variety of ways to help you create a thicker and longer style. The style options for extensions are endless. If you are afraid of your hair extensions looking too obvious, don’t be! When applied properly, your extensions will be undetectable. As long as the base of the weft is thin and flat, and a professional applies your extensions, it will look as natural as your own gorgeous hair.

It is important to apply the hair in between the layers of your own natural hair to ensure the hair is completely blended.

Heat and styling products can be applied to extensions. Since our Hair extensions are virgin hair that means the hair can be styled just like normal hair. Try avoiding high heat when styling your hair because it causes more damage, which means your extensions won’t last as long.

When washing your extensions, use products that are rich in natural ingredients or oils to ensure that your hair is being nourished. You can even use a hair mask if your extensions are looking a little dry.

6 Styles for Online Back to School

Sleek Pony

The best part about ponytails is the natural lift it gives you. Ponytails are a great option for school because it keeps the hair out of your face while still allowing you to look presentable.

A high pony will have your hair looking brand new, as if you’ve spent a day at the salon. You can even rock a ponytail extension with a human hair wig if you don’t have extensions.

Low Bun

Low buns will have you looking sexy and chic. Wearing a slicked back bun will give you a little extra confidence to get you through the school year.

Low buns also look great with virgin hair wigs.


If you are looking for something easy to do and easy to maintain, try a top-knot. It is a classic look that can be dressed up or down for whatever school day you have.

Have a Zoom presentation? Want to just sit back and relax? Either way, a top knot will have you look flawless doing both.

You can’t go wrong with a cute half up half down look with human hair extensions, or human hair wigs for that matter. This look is timeless.

Braided Half up Half Down

There’s nothing like a bohemian braid. Braids can elevate any hairstyle. The best part about this look is that it takes minutes to achieve.

Braids can give you a unique look. Whether you are using virgin hair bundles or human hair wigs, a braided half up half down style will look great!

Space Buns

Space buns are a cute way to change up your look. Space buns can be styled in a complete up-do or in a half-up half-down look. It depends on what you want to do for the school day.

Space buns are one of the newer styles that are really popular. This hairstyle can add some confidence and flair to anyone’s look.

Styling clip in hair extensions can be hard, but with our help, you should be ready to get started with hair extensions near me!


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