Never Have I Ever is the game that probably has been the major part of your school or university days. It is a game with simple rules but with exciting outcomes. Never Have I Ever is a fun way to get out all the secrets of your family and friends. If you want to find out which of your friends or family has a hidden tattoo or has made a drunk mistake, it is the perfect game.

One of the best things about the Never Has I Ever questions game is that there is no single way to play it. You can play this interesting game in different variants of your choice. It ensures that no one gets bored in the game.

Put a Finger Down Edition

It is one of the common editions of playing the Never Have I Ever classic Edition questions game. It is also known as ten-finger games. As the name of the game suggests, every player has to put their finger ups. When the question is asked, the player has to put their finger down instead of saying I have. By the end of the game, the player with a maximum finger up wins. It is the version that you can play anytime, especially you are getting bored.

Drinking Edition

It is the original version of the Never Have I Ever questions game. It is known as an adult game, and you should be legally allowed to consume alcohol in your states. In this version of the game, when a question is asked, you have to take a sip of your drink instead of saying I have. The person with the maximum amount of alcohol in their cup is the winner. It is always easy to share your secrets when you are full of alcohol.

Never Have I Ever Questions for your Next Game

You can also buy a Never Have I Ever classic Edition questions game card; they come with a set of questions that you can ask during your party. We also bring to you some questions for your next Never Have I Ever game.

  • Never have I ever got a secret tattoo
  • Never have I ever stood a date
  • Never have I ever had a speeding ticket
  • Never have I ever ghosted a someone
  • Never have I ever called sick to the office to watch a match
  • Never have I ever dumped someone over a call or text
  • Never have I ever drunk text an ex
  • Never have I ever used a fake name or profile picture on a dating site
  • Never have I ever peed in a swimming pool or shower
  • Never have I stalked an ex or their current partner on social media
  • Never have I ever been driven out of the bar
  •  Never have I ever told I love you to someone without meaning it
  • Never have I ever stolen
  • Never have I ever gone on a blind date
  • Never have I ever sent a DM to a celebrity
  • Never have I ever cheated on an exam
  • Never have I ever faked an id
  • Never have I ever had a crush on anyone present in this room
  • Never have I ever had a crush on my friend’s siblings
  • Never have I ever made an impulsive buy and regretted it later
  • Never have I ever secretly watched an episode of the show that I have promised I won’t watch without them
  • Never have I ever stolen my kid’s Halloween candy stash
  • Never have I ever used someone else Netflix account
  • Never have I ever hoarded supplies from the office

The Bottom Line

Never Have I Ever is an interesting game that does not require any equipment or board to play. You can play it with two or more people. The more, the better. There is no definitive set of questions that you should ask; it can be anything from your experience. However, it would be best if you asked a question that does not hurt or embarrass someone. Moreover, before you begin the game, you should inquire if there are uncomfortable with a certain set of questions. For a better game, you can buy the set of Never Have I Ever play cards.


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