In the United States hospitals are looking to address the high rate of nurse vacancies from burnout, retirement, and seasonal fluctuations. Healthcare execs are looking at staffing agencies more than ever to fulfill their facilities’ needs. A healthcare staffing agency can give options that are flexible and keep the hospital staffed a critical times, especially during the pandemic. If your facility needs staff you may be considering health care staffing solutions such as a staffing agency. There are many factors to consider before deciding on the best option.

Shortage of Nursing Staff

As patient care becomes increasingly in need, the demand for RNs is growing. There is a rise in nurse burnout, nurse retirement, and an increase in patients. The ratio of nurses to patients is threatening the quality of care a patient receives. There is a shortage of nursing staff.

Patients Increasing

The driving factor of the nursing shortage is a rise in patients. Things such as the increased addiction to painkillers in the US, an aging population, and the pandemic are creating a surge in patients for hospitals and other facilities to handle. An estimated eighty percent of baby boomers have one chronic illness. Over a million people with painkiller addictions are being hospitalized yearly. The pandemic has taken over a million lives in the US as of this writing.

Not As Many Nurses

There are over seventy thousand nurses retiring each year. It is estimated that by 2030 over a million nurses from the baby boomer generation will have retired. New generations will need to fill those roles. Communities in rural areas may be seen as less desirable and execs are having a hard time filling these positions.

What is a Way to Solve These Problems?

Execs are turning more and more to staffing agencies to help with critical staffing shortages nationwide. American hospitals are experiencing a shortage and will need a detailed approach to this problem as they look ahead.

How do the Best Staffing Agencies in Virginia Work?

For hospitals and facilities with shortages, an agency will handle nurse placements. They get contracts for RNs to work in various places. The use of nurses from other countries can sometimes be expensive for healthcare facilities. Staffing agencies that specialize in staffing nurses from other countries are becoming very common. They sponsor the nurse’s visa and charge for the RN to work in the facility. An established agency will make the staffing process very streamlined and easy for healthcare facilities and hospitals. Some provide services such as housing and ongoing support. It is important to consider all the services the firm will provide when selecting an agency.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Health Staff Solution in Richmond, VA


Execs are often trying to reduce costs with labor. Hiring a staffing agency can get expensive which is why a sustainable solution is sought after. While low rates may be tempting it may compromise quality care. Before choosing solely on price alone, understand the benefits you will be getting with each agency.

Time Factor

How fast an agency can supply nurses may be another factor. If you have immediate needs you might want to go with a per diem nurse or a PRN nurse to fill the vacancy that you have. However, if you are short-staffed regularly a temp to perm might be more sustainable for your facility.

Quality Staff

A good nurse can be hard to come by but that’s what your facility needs. They are hardworking and experienced. They are a team player and excellent at communication and patient safety. Having a nurse that can acclimate to your unit quickly is important. Quality staff needs to be important when choosing an agency.

Should You Choose a Nurse Staffing Agency?

If you are looking to supplement your existing staff at your facility, a nurse staffing agency can help. Staffing firms allow hospitals flexibility to adjust their workforce. They provide quality candidates that meet your needs in a timely manner while still meeting budget requirements. These agencies are always looking for ways to improve and meet their facilities needs. They promote diversity and inclusion.

Not all staffing agencies are the same and you want to make sure you are working with a good agency. You want them to be certified and accredited. They should have a mission to improve healthcare. Read reviews so you understand what to expect when choosing an organization to work with.


As the nursing shortage continues the need for long-term solutions to hospital staffing becomes more important than ever. It is critical to help avoid burnout of your current staff and improve patient care. With healthcare facilities facing these challenges, they are becoming aware of healthcare agency staffing and utilizing them with success.


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