How To Create A Successful Internship Application

Before securing a slot in your preferred Berkeley summer internship program, there are certain things that you need to do first. For instance, you have to decide on the area of expertise that you need to intern in. Then you need to decide on an industry or a company where you will be doing your internship. Once you have decided on these prerequisites, you need to take advantage of any opening for an internship opportunity and then apply. In this article, we will look at some of the things that you need to consider when creating a successful internship application.

You should invest more time and effort into your application

Your application is the main way your potential employer during your internship will know you and what you are likely to bring to the table. As a result, you should take your time when curating the application and rush the process. You can invest as much time as is necessary in building your resume and then spend an equally sufficient amount of time when you are writing a cover letter. Sometimes you may be required to submit a personal video interview and you should be diligent in creating the video to capture the key areas of interest. If you are to submit a video, the company will decide for you the length of the video and specify the number of minutes that you need to take with each answer. The time taken with each application varies and if you feel that you have answered the questions thoroughly and completely, then that should be sufficient for your application.

Create a strong resume to accompany your application

Often, it is the resume that gives applicants the slots that they are applying for. When creating your resume, demonstrate both your academic and professional accomplishments. These are some of the initial things that the employer will look at when deciding whether or not you should work with them. When describing your professional experience in your resume, you only need to include jobs that are relevant to what you are applying for. Do not include everything that you have done previously, especially when it is not relevant to what you are applying for. The resume should be short and all the information should fit perfectly on a single page. You may have to make a few changes to your resume every time you apply for a different internship.

Make your application successful using specific strategies

Your application should be straightforward and easy to understand. What you write should be memorable and you should stick to facts while being careful not to overstretch the reality of your accomplishments. Expand on your strengths using descriptive terms but avoid being cliché. When writing your application, you should focus on standing out and being unique. Thus, instead of mentioning how a hard worker you are, you can describe yourself and what you have done previously that can indicate that you are a hard-working applicant. You can draw inspiration from your last job and make inferences that can help with your application.

Proofread the application before you submit

Before you submit any written work, you need to proofread and edit the application thoroughly. The application may be perfect, but if you get the spelling and grammar wrong, it may be difficult to understand what you are writing. To proofread your work, you can read it out loud to yourself line by line. This way, you will be able to identify the obvious mistakes. You can then read it a second time to finish off the application. Alternatively, you can have your friend, your teacher, or your mentor going through your application process to proofread it on your behalf. Currently, technology has made it possible to create tools that can help with proofreading and removal of grammatical errors. Many of these tools are subscription based, which means that you may have to pay some fee before you use them. if you can afford them then they can be your go-to alternatives for proofreading and editing.


Once you have curated your application for the pharmaceutical internships Bay area Ca, you need to turn it in early. There are usually many applicants than the available slots. Being on time can also help improve your chances of successful applications.


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