The septic tank has a significant role in a home’s plumbing system: it collects and stores the wastewater from your drains. The wastewater goes into a septic tank and is usually pumped out by trucks. If your home doesn’t have a connection to the public sewer lines, you’ll need a septic tank. A septic tank can be an expensive addition to your home if you don’t know exactly where to place it.

Most people don’t know where their septic tanks are, let alone where they should be. Qualified residential septic services in Massachusetts will help you evaluate your property to determine the best location. If you’ve ever been curious about the placement of your septic tank and have wondered if it’s in the wrong spot, read on! This blog will answer your questions about where your septic tank should be placed.

So, where is the right place for your septic tank? Read below to know:

1. If you install a new system, you can place it anywhere. Septic tanks can be placed under driveways or even in the middle of your property. The only thing that matters when choosing where to put your new system is that it’s at least 10 feet away from any structure on the property and 30 feet away from any water source.

2. The ground where the septic tank will be placed must be stable enough to support heavy vehicles for pumping and cleaning. The soil should also slope away from the tank to prevent water from entering or flowing back into it after heavy rainfalls.

3. The septic tank is the first component of a complete septic system and should be located in an area that isn’t prone to flooding. The tank itself is used to collect and retain the wastewater created in your home, so it needs to be placed far away from your home’s foundation and the property line.

4. When choosing a location for your septic tank, consider municipal building codes and any other regulations in your area. It also needs to be accessible for regular pumping to remove the solids build-up.


The location of your tank is essential. It’s best to place the tank on a firm and solid base. Besides, you should contact professionals for better solutions. Homestead Inc. will help you accomplish with more spacious designs. They are a licensed and insured company and offer well water inspection in Massachusetts at a very affordable price. For more details, visit their website.


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